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This half term we are focusing on the topic question - How was the Stone Age different from the Iron Age?


September 2020

It is lovely to have the children all back in school and we have had a great start to the new term. We are currently recapping our basic skills from the previous year and looking forward to learning lots of new things. In Topic, we have started to explore the Iron Age and Stone Age and completed a treasure hunt where we collected information to find out more about them. We have also organised our jobs like doing the composting and started this back up once again.

Goodbye Year 4!

Look Year 4, here are some of the things that you got up to during your time at Upton Snodsbury. Have a good think about what your favourite moment was. If you let me know before the transition mornings, I may be able to find a photograph of you doing it too! 

Fable Settings

Fable Characters Part 2

Fable Characters Part 1

What's on the inside

For one of the optional Science activities next week (w/b 15th)  your child will need:

A transparent container i.e. plastic bottle or jam jar with a lid



A variety of seeds i.e. a mixed seed packet

Some sticky tape

Make Do and Mend Part 2

Make Do and Mend Part 1

Some excellent travel brochures being emailed through. Here are a selection. Well done everyone. Also some lambs sent in by Olivia.

This is one of my favourite photos of Mrs Tullet and I. She always hid when the camera was around so it is so nice that I have this of her. Mrs Tullet was one in a million and was always one who enjoyed a laugh. I had so many laughs with her in the staffroom and I loved how she always wanted people to be happy. This is a sad time for us all and I would love to give you all a hug. Please keep talking to each other and remember it is ok to be sad. I for one though am going to try and keep laughing and smiling as I am sure this is one thing Mrs Tullet would have wanted me to do so with this in mind, look at the video below xxxx  

March 2020

We have begun to compare Upton Snodsbury with Marseille. For this we have looked at where in the world and where in each country each one is.  In Art's week, as well as the whole school activities, we have started writing newspapers about Handa and have created some 3D animals out of cardboard. 

Please look at the whole school for Art's Week photos.

In Spring One we looked at the question: his half term we are focusing on the topic question - What are the similarities and differences between light and electricity? 

February 2020

During the whole of our current topic, we have been comparing light and electricity. To continue this we researched the dangers of both and created posters to warn others. Also we looked at how we could make a circuit and using this knowledge we identified circuits that wouldn't work and made switches. When we focused on light, we looked at the different materials light would travel through and then using this knowledge we made shadow puppets. During our trip to We the Curious we also took part in a light and shadow workshop. We look forward to seeing you next week for our sharing assembly on Monday at 2.30pm

January 2020

We have now begun our new topic on light and electricity. The children have investigated what needs light and what uses electricity. After, they discussed which one was the most important. They have also looked at reflective materials and using this knowledge they have created a shield which would be effective for Perseus to use against Medusa. In English, we have focused on myths and legends and the children have been reading and discussing a range of them. We are currently designing our own! Our class story which we are focusing on is The Terrible Tale of the Lambton Worm

During Autumn 2, we thought about the question: Which is the worst natural disaster?

December 2019

We created some reindeer Christmas biscuits as part of DT.

December 2019

Year 3 and 4 have focused on sound in Science. We have explored a range of instruments stating how they make a sound and what the sound is like. We have also discussed what sounds we  like and dislike and have seen how different sounds affect people differently. Also, we looked at how sound is made by vibrations. To prove this, we made string telephones and tested them on the playground and investigated if the length of string mattered, how you held it and if we could use more than one telephone at a time.

Here is the website for homework sent home 6/12/19. Have fun completing the times table speed game at least three times and then play some of the games.


Times Tables

Here are the songs that we have been using in class to help learn our tables:

 3's - 

4's - 

6's - 

7's - 


Here are the others we will be using in the future or will help you recap some:

2's - 

5's - 

8's - 

9's - 

10's - 

11's - 

12's - 


November 2019

It has begun! Christmas rehearsals are underway and the children are doing an amazing job at learning the songs and their musical instruments. They have also been working hard on preparing for their Christmas stalls. They have learnt a lot from this including being organised, being  decisive and how they need to mange their time effectively.Good luck all; we can't wait to see who the winner is! The classroom has also been filled with robins as the children painted stones to sell at the Christmas fair. They look brilliant. In English we have finished our poetry and are now focusing on using adverbs and adverbial phrases as they make their work more interesting. In Maths we are beginning to look at column addition and subtraction and working out when it is best to do a written method and when we should rely on our mental skills. In topic, we have looked at the effects of volcanoes and what causes earthquakes and tsunamis. 

November 2019

Bang! That's how the last couple of weeks started for us as we came in to the classroom and discovered that there had been an earthquake and it had caused a volcano to erupt too! The classroom was a disaster zone with chairs, tables and equipment everywhere. There was also no electricity so we had to use torches in our classroom and Mrs Mayo had used caution tape to section off the worst parts. We then discovered that we had to evacuate as it was too dangerous to stay. Along with Mrs Wadsworth, we discussed what we would grab from our houses and why. Then, we went outside and created shelters, tried to light a fire and created a water filter to see what it would be like if we were really evacuated. Mrs Wadsworth then tested the shelters by throwing water over them while we were inside them!  In Geography, we have discussed the layers of the Earth, what is  inside a volcano and why it erupts which included us making an explosion outside! In English, we have focused on figurative language and created some volcano shape poems which we will be sharing with other children in school.

Our question this half term was How has Upton Snodsbury  changed for a child?

October 2019
We have had a busy last couple of weeks of term including a sharing assembly to show off our amazing work to the rest of the school and our families. In Art, we have looked at work by Lowry and William Morris. After discussing their styles, we compared them and then had a go at doing own own. It was harder than we thought it was going to be! In English we finished off our Oliver Twist Itrailers and then began to look at show and not tell emotions. After acting out being down a mine, we used our show not tell emotions to write about being a trapper and all of the emotions that we would feel! In Maths, we are still continuing with learning our times tables and we try and sing our times table songs every day!
October 2019
Last week we went on an amazing trip to The Black Country Museum. Here we got to go to a Victorian school, visit some houses from Victorian times, play some Victorian games and visit the Victorian shops. We also went down a mine to see what it was like for a child working down there. The staff were all very impressed that every single child managed to go down even though it was pitch black at times! In English, we are writing a version of Oliver Twist in the first person and the children have been using some excellent description. In Topic, we have looked at the work of William Morris and have tried  to recreate his style. While doing this we have been listening to some music by Edward Elgar.

September 2019

The last two weeks started off with the children coming dressed to school as if they were Victorian. They then experienced what it would be like at school. There were finger nail inspections, lots of copying off the board and chanting of maths facts. Some children also had to wear the dunce's hat and others had to write with their right hand even though they are left handed! As part of the day, they also experienced a PE in the form of a drill session. After experiencing school life, we examined jobs that the children might have had to do. The children wrote adverts for farming jobs and then used the internet to research other jobs such as being a maid, a street seller, a factory worker and a chimney sweep. The children have also shared their workhouse homework and we have been impressed with all of the different ways of presenting the facts that they had found out.

September 2019

It has been an really interesting week and a half finding out what Upton Snodsbury used to be like during Victorian times. Did you know that it mostly used to be orchards? We found this information out by walking around the village looking for Victorian evidence, studying maps and looking at old and new photographs. We have also been reading Oliver Twist in English to see what else we could find out about the Victorian era. The children have lots of questions about the topic and hopefully this will continue and we will find out lots of information.

A HUGE dinosaur came in to school today and gobbled everyone up! They didn't like the shoes though so spat them out. Mrs Mayo said that it looked like the classroom after a PE lesson.

(This message has been written as part of an E Safety lesson to show how we can not trust everything that is on the internet!)

This half term we answered the question - Why do we need bees? 

June 2019

 WOW! What an amazing performance of 'Too Bee or not to Bee' a production that was written by the children. The children excelled in their singing, dancing, recorder playing and acting. Also they made some fantastic scenery and props. Well done all, you should be very proud of yourselves.

June 2019

We have now started our new topic all about bees and have been very buzzy already! We have written our end of year show and have started to make  props and learn our lines for our songs and parts. We have also been using figurative language to create some beetastic poetry and describing different scenes. In Science we have been looking at the functions of different parts of the plants

During this half term we investigated the question: Would you have built roads like the Romans did?

June 2019

 Children investigated the effect of different surfaces on a car travelling down a ramp and showed off their finished roman vehicles. They were very impressive,.

June 2019

 Year 4 had fun at the Bell boating regatta and learnt that if they all worked together and in time then they got faster.


May 2019

Over the last two weeks we have designed Roman vehicles and created the chassis for it out of wood. These will be sent home to finish off over the holiday as homework. We look forward to sharing them after the holiday. The children have also really enjoyed their trip to the Corinium Museum. It has also bee a very sporty time with some children representing us in a cross country and Year 4 going Bell Boating.  Year 3 have also been busy with improving the school grounds and writing to local business.  Photos are on the website.

May 2019
WOW, there were so many fantastic plastic projects completed over the Easter break so well done Year 3 and 4. Well done also to those who continued to read and fill their reading records over the holidays - a lot of Best Efforts were handed out.
As for this term, children have enjoyed the start of our Romans topic. For this topic, we will be focusing on mainly Romans roads. So far for this, the children have completed some timeline work; researched cities that the Roman roads led to; found out how Roman roads were built and begun to write instructions. Children have also improved their compass skills by identifying countries that were part of the Roman Empire and describing their position in relation to Italy.  In Maths we have been looking at capacity.

In the second half of the Spring term, we looked at the question: Can you justify the importance of looking after water?

April 2019

What a fantastic end of term we have had.  The children have created  some amazing drama performances, dances and PowerPoints to tell the rest of the school about plastic pollution and have written to several companies and Prince Charles. We look forward to the replies. They have also though of others and cooked Hot Cross Buns which we shared with a local volunteer group which feed the homeless. We are so proud of them all - Well done Year 3 and 4.

April 2019

We took part in a dance festival with other local schools. Here is our dance based on bees.

March 2019

Year 3 and 4 have certainly discovered that plastic is not fantastic with all the damage it is doing to our world. Over the last couple of weeks, we have taken part in the BBC Blue Planet Live lesson, completed our plastic stories, debated the issue of whose fault it is that we have plastic pollution (people who use plastic or the man who invented it) and created an action plan on how we are going to make Upton Snodsbury and our world a better place.  At lunchtime, we have weighed our waste and saw how much we do throw away.  Following this, we have written some information leaflets for parents and we are currently creating ways to show the school what they can do to help.  Our next step will be writing to local and international companies, Prince Charles and our local MP about the plastic problem as we do not want our blue planet changing to a plastic one!

March 2019

As part of our water topic we have looked at the different states that things can be and through carrying out an investigation with water, chocolate and jelly, we found out that it is temperature which causes a change in state. We then looked at the changes of state in the Water cycle and the main changes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. In English, we have been writing a story to show the dangers of plastic in the ocean and how this affects the marine animals and in Geography we researched facts about plastic and the damage that they can have. Did you know that 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away in the UK every year?!

March 2019

It has been a very busy start to the half term and we have had fun starting our new topic and Book Week. As part of our topic we have looked how oil spillages can led to the death of the wildlife and started to look at other environmental issues such as the use of plastic. During book week, we created some ‘Wild Thing’ characters using images of animal body parts off the internet and then using our Art Day skills from last week, we sketched them and used watercolours and pencils to add detail. In English, we looked at what Max was like and his emotions and we compared a film version to the book. For once the film had more detail than the book!

                                                 In the first half of the Spring Term, we focused on the question  - 
How are products designed and marketed?

February 2019

Over the last two weeks we have used our market research to design a chocolate bar or treat, make one and of course test it! We then wanted to see who the parents and the rest of the school thought had designed the best so we created adverts using Itrailer and also wrote some which would appear in newspapers. We then put all of our learning together in our teams on PowerPoint. After our presentations were ready, we organised what our teams were going to say and showed them in a sharing assembly. After the presentations, the school and parents got to vote. Everyone deserved to win as they had designed some mouth-watering treats and worked incredibly hard on their presentations but after the votes were counted PAMJEL came out victorious. Below is their winning PowerPoint and the PowerPoint  created Cookietastic..

January 2019

Year 3 and 4 are still seeking revenge after Reception and Year One invaded our classroom! They tied Mrs Mayo up, put all of our names down the Zone board, took our chairs and wasted some of our whiteboard pens. Even worse, was that we had to tidy up after they had gone! They did it so we could understand what an invasion was like and could put ourselves in to the shoes of the Mayans when the Aztecs invaded them. Also during the last couple of weeks, we have started to design our chocolate bars or cookies. As part of this, we have completed market research around the school and have used this to inform our designing decisions. Next week, we are planning to make our treats so we have planned carefully what we need and what we are going to do.

January 2019

As part of our topic, we went on a visit to Cadbury world! Not only did we get to look around but we had a presentation on how they market their products. They also told us how they designed their wrappers and why they made the choices that they did. regarding packaging and flavours.

January 2019

It has only been two weeks but we have been extremely busy! In the first few days, we reflected on our learning skills and which were our strongest. We then created our own target to show which one we wanted to get better at. As part of this, we have created a question wall in the classroom. Here the children can pose a question and then the other children in the classroom can see if they can answer it. In addition we have started our new topic and we  have taken a chocolate quiz,  compared what life was like in 900AD in our country and where the Mayans came from and written some "treat" shape poems using a range of figurative language. Also, Well done to all of the fantastic reading over the holidays; it has been a pleasure seeing this evidenced in a lot of the reading records.

In the second half of the Autumn term we focused on the topic question -
How and why were the pyramids built?

December 2018

The children have worked extremely hard this half term and should be really proud of themselves. In the last couple of weeks, we have finished our topic by writing an explanation text on how and why the pyramids were built. The children certainty showed off their historical knowledge and lots used their writing target too. We also finished our magnet work and the children designed and made magnetic games. As a reward for all of their hard work, they baked some Christmas biscuits.

December 2018

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been focusing on magnets. We have looked at the force and how different poles of the magnet attract and repel each other. Also, we have seen which materials are magnetic. Did you know that 1p's and 2p's were not magnetic until the 1990's when steel was put in them and 10p's weren't magnetic until 2011? Using all of our magnetic knowledge, we then created questions that we would like to answer about magnets and then we planned and carried out a fair test. In the next couple of weeks, we plan to use all our magnet knowledge and Egyptian knowledge to design a magnetic game. 

Some excellent reading has been happening at home too and I have loved reading the comments in the Reading Records and seeing some full Bingo boards already.

November 2018

What fun we have had the last couple of weeks mummifying each other with toilet roll. As part of this we looked
closely at the mummification process and wrote instructions for it

October 2018

At the end of the term we did a sharing assembly to the rest of the school and our parents. We shared all the work that we had created on our topic question......'How was the Stone Age different from the Iron Age?'.

October 2018

As part of the Beeline festival, we went to the University of Worcester and attended a workshop by Steve Cole. We also went to the Hive and created some dreams based on the BFG.

In the first half term we were focusing on the topic question -
How was the Stone
Age different from the Iron Age?

October 2018

In History and English we have been looking at the Stone Age boy. 

Using Comic Life we created our own comic based on our knowledge of the Stone Age.

September 2018

 We have been busy the last few weeks with lots of team building games and treasure hunts in our Topic. In English we have been focusing on show not tell emotions. so that our work is even more interesting. Can you guess what emotions we are trying to show?

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