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Welcome to the Year 2 School Gallery
This term we are looking at answering the question: 

What was it like to live in a castle?

Wednesday 3rd June

A very happy birthday to Thomas for yesterday, so sorry I missed the actual day. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. 

Spellings: See email

English: We are now going to move forward in time to  around 1000 years ago, when castles began to be far grander and were made completely out of stone. These castles had far more features to help them to defend their occupants and were for more luxurious to live in.

You now have two days to complete an annotated sketch of a newer stone castle (like Warwick castle). I would like you to include labels for the main features and a brief description of what each part is for. You may like to label the sketch and underneath write each of the items you have labelled and their description or (if there is room) you could create small text boxes in which to put your label and description. These descriptions do need to be in correctly punctuated sentences. If you choose to write them below, you could put them in alphabetical order like in a real book.

The sketch should take up 2 sides of A4 paper, or a double spread in your book. Please label this page in your book ‘Stone Castles’. To be emailed by 05.06.20.

Maths: Please complete White Rose Home learning – Year 2 – Summer term -Week 3 – Lesson 3



Tuesday 2nd June

Spellings: See email

English: Following on from our research into a Motte and Bailey castle I would now like you to imagine that you are a powerful lord or lady and you are going to build your own castle to keep yourself safe.

Under the heading ‘Where to build a castle’ write a bullet point list of ideal places for your castle to be built. These DO NOT need to be written in sentences. Think about places which would be easy to defend, help you to spot enemies approaching and that would make it more difficult for them to attack. Your list should contain at least 5 features.

Maths: Please complete White Rose Home learning – Year 2 – Summer term -Week 3 – Lesson 2



Welcome back to our final half term. I hope you have had a wonderful break and enjoyed the sunshine. I hope you received the email I sent in the week. I will be emailing out the phonics and 3 minute dash for the week this evening (Sunday) so if you do not receive it please let me know.


Please note for Friday (if you wish to complete the practical butterfly pizza task) you will need some key ingredients

Butterfly Pizzas (KS1) • Tortilla Wraps (1 per person) • Tomato Passata/Puree • Cheese • Toppings of your choice

I’m sure the children will love designing and making their own symmetrical pizzas and eating them! You may of course wish to alter the ingredients to suit your own child’s preference e.g. wraps to pitta bread. This is an activity for all of the family to enjoy and younger siblings can get involved too.


Monday 1st June

Spellings: See email or download the attachment here.  Pdf version

English: Welcome to our topic based around castles. The first castles built were called Motte and Bailey castles. Today I would like you to find out what these castles looked like and what the Motte and Bailey were. Under the title ‘A Motte and Bailey Castle’ draw an annotated picture (or print a picture and annotate it) of a Motte and Bailey castle.

Underneath write a short description of what a Motte and Bailey castle was and why they were built.

Maths:  This week we are going to be reviewing some of the skills we have learnt when adding and subtracting. We are going to use the White Rose Home learning, the same as we did the week before half term. This week we will be following Week 3. I will continue to provide links to the questions and answers and you will need to go online to view the video, pause at the appropriate times and complete the questions. Please remember the questions do get progressively more difficult and working out how to solve the answer will be as important as your final answer.


Please complete White Rose Home learning – Year 2 – Summer term -Week 3 – Lesson 1



Friday 22nd May

Our final day of this half term.

Spellings: See email

English: See yesterday – Deadline 22.05.20

Maths: Please complete White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 2- Week 2 – Session 5  (Questions 1 and 2 and if you would like a challenge try question 3) Please go to the usual page where you will find the link to the problem solving challenge.


Please choose the sunflower you are going to measure and keep track of. Please note down today and next Friday the height of this sunflower and keep it safe. You will need it after half term!

We will be beginning next half term with continued home schooling and our topic will be based around Castles. I will be emailing a list of books which you may find useful for the topic and also a class book which we will be working from throughout the term.

May I please take this time to thank you for all of you support you have shown both myself and your children. Please enjoy this week off (use it to catch up if you need to) and relax and recharge ready for our final half term.

Thursday 21st May

Spellings: See email

English: You have 2 days to complete our final task of the week. We are going to complete a book comparison to compare Jack and the beanstalk to Trust me Jack’s beanstalk stinks. You will need to think about things which are the same in both books and the differences and then record our ideas into a Venn diagram. You might like to think about the characters, setting, who is telling the story, title, author, illustrator, characteristics of the characters, parts of the story, who are the good and bad characters etc. As you have two days to complete this, you might like to write your ideas down today and then transfer them into the correct part of the Venn diagram tomorrow.

When writing them into the Venn diagram please concentrate on writing in full sentences, accurate punctuation and joined hand writing.

You can complete this task using either 2 paper plates or download the link below.

Book comparison Venn diagram    pdf version

Examples of Book comparisons (including one using paper plates)

Maths: Please complete White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 2- Week 2 – Session 4



Wednesday 20th May

Spellings: See email

English: Guided Reading  - Trust Me: Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks. Please read the rest of the book and then answer these questions using pages 14 – 18.

1) Why do you think ‘He stole my goose, the sneaky, creepy, miserable thief’ is in capital letters?

2) What type of words, in that sentence, are outlined in blue?

3) What does Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum’ mean this time? What is strange about that? (p16)

4) How does the giant say that he fell asleep?

5) Why did the giant wake up?

6) Do you prefer this story or the original Jack and the Beanstalk? Give 3 reasons why.

Maths: Please complete White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 2- Week 2 – Session 3



Better late than never.....some pictures from the farm. Feeding the pet lamb, playing in the wool sheets, feeding the calves (we now have 40 bottle fed calves!), more playing in and on the wool sheets and then worming and fly spraying the lambs today. It's always busy on the farm!

Tuesday 19th May

Spellings: See email

English: SPAG – changing tenses part 2. Please download the attachment and complete the activities.

Tuesday English     Pdf version

Maths: Please complete White Rose Maths Home Learning - Tuesday - Year 2 Summer term Week 2 (The same as site as yesterday.)

Watch the video like yesterday and pause it at appropriate moments.



Don't forget your 3 minute dash. I have heard there have been some problems with the original email so if you would like me to send just this weeks please let me know.

Active Learn:  Year 2, I am really pleased again by how much you have completed this week, a real improvement on last week, well done. Please remember you should be reading everyday and Bug Club is a fantastic place to read. I have counted how many medals (bronze silver and gold ) you each earned for Maths  to decide the winners.

Parents please will you help me by rewarding all of the children mentioned as champions below with a small treat. Thank you.

Week 3 Champions

Abacus Games: Well done to Jacob, Tilda, Seb, Honey and Max who all earned 18 or more medals!

Bug Club: Well done to Seb who completed an amazing 12 books! and Tilda and Sam who completed 6 and 5 books respectively.

Huge congratulations to all of you.

Who will be next week's superstars?

Monday 18th May

Good morning and welcome to our final week of Summer 1. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. We were indeed busy shearing all day on Sunday. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the shearing but below are a few pictures of the boys playing in and on the wool sheets ( the bags you roll and pack the fleeces into).

Spellings: See email or click on the link  18.05.20    

English: SPAG – changing tenses. Please click on the link which will open a document with the activities today. These are all about changing the tense of a verb, something which quite a few children found tricky in the amazing stories they wrote.

Monday English    PDF version

Maths: This week we are going to be looking at measuring, comparing and calculating with length. We are going to be using some online learning from White Rose Maths – a scheme we use to support us at school. Each day there is a video to watch and set activities to complete. You will need to watch the video online and print of the questions for that day. (It also has the answers for you to download to mark it!)

I hope the children will enjoy using a different media for this week. The questions do get progressively harder so if your child needs support with the later questions just put an s in a circle for me and work through it together.

We are going to complete Yr 2 Summer term Week 2 this week. Please complete each day in turn, watching the video and completing and emailing me the completed questions.

This link will get you to the right page. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/

Please complete Monday today. It should look like this.

Link for worksheet

Link for answers

Friday 15th May

Can you believe this is the end of our 6th week of Home Schooling. You are all doing such a super job, a great well done to you all. I know Bug Club champions are going to be highly competitive this week, I've had to give some people more books. Remember you should still be reading every day and Bug Club is a great way to do this.

Only one more week until half term. I know you are all getting tired but lets keep up the momentum and it will soon be Friday again.

Spellings: Spelling Test

English: Reading Comprehension (p10 – 13)

  1. Why is the giant asleep? (p10)
  2. What do you think the pool of liquid is on the table and why? (p10)
  3. What do you think the giant had for breakfast? (p10)
  4. What does ‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum’ mean? (p12)
  5. Where did Jack hide on his second visit?

Maths: Subtraction word problems.

For our final Maths for the week I have designed some word problems for you to use solve using your subtractions skills. You will need to identify the numbers you have got to use (highlight them), write your calculation, decide which method to use (CO/CB) and then solve it. Don’t forget to check your answer by using the method I have shown you if you have calculated mentally.

Friday’s Subtraction Word Problems        pdf version

Have a fantastic weekend, I think I might be busy shearing! I will let you know on Monday and take some photographs.

Thursday 14th May

Thank you so much for the finished stories I have received already. Your front cover designs have been fantastic. It is going to make a super book!

Spellings: See email

English:  Reading Comprehension Trust me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks! (p6 – p9)

  1. What was the giant doing when Jack came up through the clouds?
  2. What did Jack do that upset the giant?
  3. Why wasn’t the giant tricked?
  4. What did the giant’s wife say?
  5. Draw some thought bubbles for each character and write down what they are really thinking.

Maths: Counting on or counting back?

Today’s problems need you to make a decision about which method you will use to find the answer. Remember if the numbers are close together you will need to jump up to find the difference ( count on), if the numbers are further apart you will need to jump back (count back).

Click on the link below to find the questions. Choosing the right method is just as important as the answer so please show me which method you have chosen by writing either CO (count on) or CB (count back) in a circle beside the calculation.

Thursday’s Maths – Count on or Count back?          pdf version

Wednesday 13th May

Spellings: See email

English: Today we will be completing our story by writing the ending. This is the most exciting part where the beanstalk gets chopped down and your character and their mum can live happily ever after.

The writing today is not going to be very long so I want you to pay special attention to describing how the characters are feeling, describing the chopping down and how the giant lands, and ending your story like a real fairy tale.

I have written my ending for you to look at. You can edit and improve mine or write your own.

I’m so proud of all of you for the stories you have been writing. You have tried so hard, I’m sure it is the longest story you have written! Keep up you fantastic effort for this final part and if you would like to, you might like to add an illustration at the end.

Mrs Dunne’s Ending

As Jack slipped and climbed down the beanstalk as fast as he could clutching the singing harp under his arm, he shouted down to his mum.

Quick mum, fetch the axe to chop down the beanstalk, the giant is chasing me.

She ran as fast as lightening to the shed to fetch her old and faithful axe. Just as Jack’s feet hit the ground, his mother swung her long, rusty axe at the base of the tree. The beanstalk shook but remained as tall as ever, she swung again, harder this time and the beanstalk swayed. With a final swing the beanstalk finally gave way, tumbling from the sky and crashing to the ground. Along with the bean stalk fell the enormous, smelly figure of the giant. The thud was louder than anything they had ever heard before. They cautiously approached the giant wondering if he was dead.  There was no breath coming from his enormous body and he didn’t move.

Jack and his mum hugged each other and knew that life had changed for ever. The giant was dead and now with all of the items Jack had stolen money would never be a problem again. Jack and his mum smiled and walked into their cottage to eat their dinner and they both lived happily ever after.


Please email me the entire and completed fairy tale by Friday 15th May. I will then print them off and put them into a book for the children. Any title pages and illustrations would be most welcome. Thank you.


Maths: Today we will be continuing to practise subtraction by counting back. Hopefully your child’s confidence is really growing with this and they will mainly be able to calculate in their head. If not, please do not worry and continue to build their confidence using the number line method to support them. (Many children will see the link to the umbrella method for addition however it is very important to make it clear that you can only use this method IF the ones can be subtracted e.g. 9 – 6. If the subtraction is not possible e.g. 4 – 7 the children MUST count back as the numbers cannot be swapped around as they can for addition.)

 Please complete the calculations on the link.

 I have also added lots of subtraction games to abacus which practise subtracting tens and ones so you may like to play some of these.

Wednesday’s Maths – Subtraction by counting back

Tuesday 12th May

Spellings: See email

English: Following the same plan as yesterday, today I would like you to write the part of the story where your character goes back one last time to take the final item.

Remember to think carefully about your punctuation, handwriting, use of conjunctions and interesting adjectives. Check it is in the past tense as well.

Maths: Subtracting larger numbers. Today we are going to continue looking at numbers we would subtract by counting backwards. We use this method when the numbers are NOT close together e.g. 98 – 34

For this method we would:

  1. Partition the number we are subtracting into tens and ones 34 -> 30 + 4
  2. Subtract the tens by counting back in tens (as we have been practising).
  3. Subtract the ones by counting back in ones.
  4. The answer is the number we land on.

You can start by using a blank number line to show your jumps. This will help your child to be able to check they have not made mistakes. They may jump back in tens or multiples of tens depending on their confidence, and similarly with the ones. Click on the link below to see some examples. Once your child is confident, they should be able to start doing simple calculations like this in their head with less jottings.


Today I would like you to complete the calculations on the link below using a blank number line to calculate (or check if your child is confident calculating mentally).

Tuesday Maths – Subtracting 2 digit numbers

Active Learn:  Year 2, I am really pleased again by how much you have completed this week, however there is definitely room to improve compared to the last 2 weeks. Please remember you should be reading everyday and Bug Club is a fantastic place to read. I have counted how many medals (bronze silver and gold ) you each earned for Maths  to decide the winners. Parents please will you help me by rewarding all of the children mentioned as champions below with a small treat. Thank you.

Week 3 Champions

Abacus Games: Well done to Anna-Rose, Honey, Bessie, and Sam  who all earned 18 or more medals!

Bug Club: Well done to Ophelia who completed 5 books (top reader 2 weeks running; fantastic!) and Tilda and Sam who completed 4 and 3 books respectively.

Huge congratulations to all of you.

Who will be next week's superstars?

Monday 11th May

Spellings: Wb 11.05.20

English: Today we will be writing the part where your character returns to the castle to take the second item. For both today and tomorrows writing (where your character takes the third and final item) I would like you to follow the frame set out below. Each of the boxes should contain at least 2 sentences; I know some of you will want to write more!

What has happened to your character and his/her mum since the last visit? Why do they need to visit again?

Climbing the beanstalk. Can you use repeated language like we did last time? (Higher and higher etc) How is your character feeling as they reach the top?

Entering the castle – who do they see, what does the giant say, what does your character do when they hear the loud, booming voice?

Taking the item – where is the giant, what is he doing?

Escaping back down the beanstalk – is there anyone coming?


Maths: Adding and subtracting 10 and multiples of ten.

Please start today be counting backwards and forwards in tens from 0 and then from other starting number. (If you child struggles please see the tips below.)

Today we are recapping adding and subtracting multiples of ten. The children should be confident in doing this and know that the ones will not change when adding 10 or a multiple of 10. If you child needs visual help you might like to use spaghetti, tie bundle of 10 pieces together with an elastic band or something similar, and have single pieces loose for the ones. The children can then make the number using the bundles of ten and ones (spaghetti) and then add or subtract tens to really see what happens.

Complete the activity below by clicking on the link.

Adding and Subtracting multiples of ten

For further practise you might like to make some 2 digit number card and roll a dice to find out how many tens to add or subtract.

Sunflowers – please let me know how your sunflowers are growing. I had to start mine again as the boys accidentally tipped them out! We will start measuring them once a week from the end of this week. This will form the basis of our Topic work. If you haven’t planted yours yet, you still have time. Mine came up in about 4 days. I have plenty of seeds which I can leave outside our classroom door if anybody needs some.

VE Day - Don't forget to send your photos in to Mrs Mayo - rpm29@upsnodsfirst.worcs.sch.uk


Friday is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and so we thought that as a school we would celebrate altogether separately! If you take part, please send some photographs showing us you enjoying your event to Mrs Mayo at rpm29@upsnodsfirst.worcs.sch.uk so that we can make a whole school VE video to share. You might even take some photographs of your preparations to share too.

Friday 8th May

Happy VE Day, I hope you all enjoy your celebrations and take part in some fun activities. Remember to send your photos to Mrs Mayo, and if you would like to share them with me too I would really like to see them. I will share some of my photos with you too.

Have a lovely weekend. Three more days to become Active Learn champions, keep reading and playing the Maths games, who will be on our list this week?

Here is a link to a schedule of  more events being held during the day: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/ve-day-schedule-events-celebrations-a4434496.html 

Thursday 7th May

Spellings: See email

English: Today we are having a break from our story. We will complete it next week and I will give you some time to do some illustrations and complete any final purple polishing that is required.

Hopefully all of your guided reading texts (Trust Me, Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks!) has arrived. Read up to page 5 and then answer these questions. If your book hasn't arrived yet, please let me know and I can email you the first few pages.

Remember to write your answers in sentences where possible and find the answers in the text (I’m not sure you will be allowed to highlight your book though!).

  1. What is this story called and who is the Author?
  2. Who is telling the story? (Which character?)
  3. Find 6 adjectives which describe the giant and write them down as a list.
  4. Which adjective would you change if you were the Author? What would you change it to?
  5. Find 4 words written as contractions. Make a list of them and next two each one write the words which have been put together to make the contraction.                      ( I’ve --> I have)
  6. Prediction – What do you think is in the bags which the giant has got on his knees and why do you think that?


Maths: Please complete the link as an end of time unit assessment. As per Monday please allow your child to complete this independently and if you do need to support them please mark the support with an s in a circle. Please mark and purple polish and corrections before sending photos.  Deadline – 08.05.20

Time assessment

Wednesday 6th May

Spellings: See email

English: Today’s part of the story will be where the character takes the first item from the castle.  I was really impressed with how you had used your previous work on adjectives to choose some really interesting and unusual words. Lots of you have really built up the suspense and I am excited to see what happens next.

Today I am going to give you information you need to include in your paragraph but I am going to give you more freedom about how you write this part. Below is the list of the things I would like you to include in order. It might be a good idea again to talk through and plan first and then continue writing your story. I can’t wait to read them already.

  • Entering the castle, noise the door made and why
  • What it was like inside the castle, which room is your character in?
  • Do they see or meet anyone?
  • What do they decide to do next?
  • Oh no, what can they hear? What does it say? What do they think it is?
  • Where will they hide? How do they feel?
  • What does the giant do next?
  • What does your character take?
  • Why do they decide to take it?
  • How do they leave the castle?
  • How do they feel as they descend the beanstalk?
  • Will they risk going back again?
  • How does mum react when they show her what they have got?
  • Does your character tell the whole truth about what happened and where they went?

Maths: Click on the link below to open a word document to tell you all about today's time activities.

Maths 06.05.20

Tuesday 5th May

Spellings: See email

English: Today we will be writing the next part of the story. First add the words in the spaces (these will be either characters or adjectives) and then write it out adding in their words. (If your child would just like to use my writing as a basis, and change it to their own then they are more than welcome. Please encourage them to continue to think about conjunctions and different sentence types as they write!)

At the end I would like the children to write at least three of their own sentences describing the castle in front of them, how they were feeling and what they plan to do next.

You may like to split this into 2 parts, filling in the spaces and planning the sentences and then writing it up.

Early the next morning, ______ woke up and jumped straight out of bed. He/she ran to his/her bedroom window to see if the magic beans had grown. To his/her utter amazement, there right in ______’s back yard was the ____________, ______________ beanstalk ____ had ever seen. He/she quickly got dressed and sneaked out of the cottage, closing the door silently behind him/her. The top of the beanstalk really did reach into the clouds and ____ wondered what might be there at the top. _____ decided there was only one way to find out so he/she started to climb. Higher and higher, further and further, quieter and quieter. _____ was feeling __________ but __________. What would he/she find in the clouds?

Jack’s wonder grew as he reached the top of the beanstalk. There in front of him stood…….

Maths: Click on the link below to open a word document to tell you all about today's time activities.

Maths 05.05.20

Monday 4th May – Happy Birthday Arthur. I hope you have a wonderful birthday (after doing all your school work of course!!).

I know Mrs Bradley has planned some special cooking for you tomorrow.

Spellings: See email ( The second one has the attachment, sorry!)

English: Continue Fridays work. Ensure you have both the first and second parts of the story written up neatly and emailed through to me today.

Maths: Mini Assessment Day. Today I would like the children to complete pages 10 and 16 of their Maths pack independently as a mini assessment to check they have understood the Maths so far this half term. If you do need to support your child at any point please put an s in a circle next to where you have helped so that it is clear to me. Please mark and ensure the children have corrected any errors ( with purple if you have it) and email this through to me today so that I can plan their next steps. Thank you very much.

Active Learn: Wow Year 2, I am absolutely amazed again by how much you have completed this week, especially the Maths Games. I decided to count how many medals (bronze silver and gold ) again to decide the winners. Parents please will you help me by rewarding all of the children mentioned as champions below with a small treat. Thank you.

Week 2 Champions

Abacus Games: Well done to Anna-Rose, Honey, Seb, Jacob and Max  who all earned 20 or more medals, and our super star Bessie who earned a massive 52 medals!!

Bug Club: Well done to Ophelia who completed 4 books and Chloe, Jacob and Seb who all completed 3 books.


I'm looking forward to revealing next week's superstars already!

Friday 1st May – Happy Birthday Ophelia and Rosie. I hope you both have a wonderful birthday (after doing all your school work of course!!).

Spellings: See email

English: You have today and Monday to complete the next part of the story , where Jack sets off to market to sell the cow and receives magic beans instead. I am going to write my version of this part of the story, and you can either adapt and edit mine and write it out as your own, or you can write your own. If you write your own remember to focus on punctuation, interesting adjectives, a range of conjunctions and using the different sentence types.

Finally Jack had a job to do. At the first sign of dawn he ran outside and collected Milky White from her field. Jack told Milky white sadly that he was going to take her to market to sell her, but she didn’t seem to understand him. They set of down the stoney, windy track that led from their cottage down to the road to the market. As Jack walked along he felt very sad that they were having to sell their cow however he was starving and he hoped he would get enough money to buy lots of food.

They hadn’t gone far when they met a scruffily dressed, old man shuffling down the road towards them.

What a fine cow, he said. Where are you taking her?

To market. Jack replied.

The bearded, old man reached deep into his pocket and pulled out five dried beans. He offered them to Jack in exchange for his old cow, Milky White.

These are magic beans, said the old man. Plant them today and you’ll see a beanstalk reaching the clouds by morning.

Jack thought that would be amazing so he agreed to sell Milky White for the magic beans. He took the beans, handed over Milky Whites rope, thanked the old man and ran back home.

When Jack arrived home he excitedly told his mother that he had sold Milky White for 5 beans. His mother however was furious. She threw the beans on the ground and sent Jack straight to his room. Jack hid under his blanket in his bedroom feeling foolish but he hoped and dreamed of finding an enormous beanstalk in the morning.

Maths: Play the Bingo! 2.28 time game on Abacus – the bronze level practices yesterday’s skill if your child is finding quarter past/quarter to a bit tricky still. Silver and gold level practises times in 5 minute intervals.

Thursday 30th April

Happy Birthday Lottie for the 25th April. I’m so sorry I missed it. I hope you had a wonderful day on Saturday.

Spellings: See email

English: Today we are going to start writing our new fairytale. Start by writing the title at the top of your page. Remember it will need underlining! ________ and the Beanstalk

For the Opening to our new fairytale I am going to write it for you. I will leave some blank spaces where you will need to add in details about your own character and adjectives to describe both them and the setting.

Before you start writing it out, read through it and look for sentences which you think are really good. Can you see the different types of sentence? Can you find a range of conjunctions? Can you find commas used in a list? What other really good things can you spot?

Now read through again and think about the blank spaces and what you are going to add. You might like to note down the words you are going to use so that when you are writing the opening out you can concentrate on your handwriting and punctuation. Please start a new line when a character is speaking. If you know how to, you could use speech marks to mark the words they say. (This is NOT expected for Year 2)


Once upon a time there lived a _______,_______ _______ called ________ who lived with his/her mum in a _______, _________ cottage on the edge of some woods. ________ was small for his/her age because they were so poor and today _____ was hungry……very, very hungry. He/She searched the cold, empty cottage for something to eat but he/she couldn’t find anything, not even a bean!

______ and his/her mother lived all alone. The only thing they now owned was a cow named Milky White. Unfortunately Milky White was so old that she had run out of milk and now was of little use to them.

______’s mother kept herself busy everyday, cleaning and taking care of the small, dilapidated cottage and it’s neat garden with ramshackle fencing. But _____ found it difficult to find things to do.

Can’t you make yourself useful? asked _______’s mother, brushing past with her broom.

But there’s nothing to do, complained ______. Milky white has run out of milk. What are we going to do now?

_______’s mother stopped sweeping and sat down.

We have nothing left, she sighed. Nothing to eat, nothing to drink, nothing to sell…nothing.

But _________ was a resourceful young boy/girl. He/she stood before his/her mother and sadly explained there was one thing they could sell, their beloved cow, Milky White. And so it was decided that the next day, ______ would take Milky White to market and get the best price he could for her.


Maths: Recap how many minutes are in an hour – if you have a clock with moving hands or using the clock tool from last Thursday, move the minute hand in 5 minute intervals and count up in 5’s – can you clap when the hand is at a quarter or half time?

You might find this power point on Twinkl useful to explain this point.


Wednesday 29th April

Spellings: See email

English: Change the images on your story map to show your new character and the new items your character is going to steal from the giant. Then practise telling the story out loud using the story map to help you. Remember to try and use really interesting adjectives! If you would like to, you can draw yourself a new story map instead.

Maths: Complete p13 and 14 of your Maths booklet- further consolidation of subtraction by finding the difference.

Tuesday 28th April

Spellings: See email

English: Today we are going to plan the changes we are going to make to the story of Jack and the beanstalk to create our own story.

We are going to change a character first - Jack. Complete the outline of the person writing adjectives to describe their appearance around the outside and their emotions/ what kind of person they are like) on the inside. You might like to give them some clothes, but don’t forget to tell me all about them!

Person Outline link

We are also going to change the items which your character stole from the Giant’s castle. Think about what your new character might find useful to steal. Complete the table to change the three items that Jack stole from the castle.

Old Item

New Item and why it is so special








Maths: Play on Abacus Game to practise subtraction by counting up (finding the difference)

https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/resources#:play(175106|||||||||0) (Balloon Pop 2.22b)

Active Learn: Wow Year 2, I am absolutely amazed by how much you have completed this week, especially the Maths Games. I decided to count how many medals (bronze silver and gold ) you had earned this week to decide the winners. Parents please will you help me by rewarding all of the children mentioned as champions below with a small treat. Thank you.

Week 1 Champions

Abacus Games: Well done to Anna-Rose, Honey, Thomas, Max and Bessie who all earned 20 or more medal, and our super star Jacob who earned a massive 54 medals!!

Bug Club: Well done to Bessie and Honey who both completed 4 books and Anna-Rose and Seb who both completed 3 books.


I can't wait to see how much you get completed this week....I think I need to give you some more games!

Monday 27th April

Spellings: See email

English: Adjectives - Print off (or copy out) the short text below and colour really good adjectives in green and adjectives to improve in pink. Use a thesaurus or your own ideas to ‘purple polish’ the pink adjectives with really good ones.

Then complete the story map of Jack and the Beanstalk by cutting and sticking the pictures into the right places. Link to story map below.

Story map

Text to improve

People think it’s easy being a giant. You get to be rotten, grumpy and loud. You’re big, giant and tough. You have stacks of treasure and live in a big, tall, high castle. Best of all, NOBODY tells you how to behave. Giant life is no picnic though. It’s hard to find shoes that fit my big feet. My knees hurt from the weight of my huge body. I’m always hungry. Always!

Maths:  Warm up – Play ping pong with your child with number bonds to ten. ( You say a number between 0 and 10 and the children answer with the number which you add to get to ten.)

Then complete page 8 and 9 of your Maths Workbook. This is subtracting by finding the difference between the two numbers. We use this method when the numbers we are subtracting are close together. (It would take far too long to do 32 – 29 by counting backwards!) Each of these crosses the ten (the tens number changes e.g. from 20 to 30) and the children need to first jump on the next tens number (20, 30, 40, 50 etc) and then the second jump will be to the largest number (starting number of the subtraction). For our example we would be jumping from 29 to 30 ( using our number bonds to tens) and then from 30 to 32. Two small jumps of 1 and 2 so the answer would be 1 + 2  which = 3.

You may like to do the first couple by counting backwards as well so that your child understands why this method is so much better and quicker.

Don’t forget to complete the THINK’s. You may like to complete page 8 together in a guided way and then let them tackle page 9 independently.

Friday 24th April

Well done everyone, we have made it to the end of our first week back. Thank you so much for all the pictures you have sent me. Remember to send pics of any work not sent so far from this week and keep your diary up over the weekend- you can send me that on Monday!

Spellings : See email

English : Complete the guided reading comprehension about Jack and the Beanstalk. Will you choose the 2 star or 3 star (more difficult) version? Or will you complete both??  Click on the link below to open the document and then just print the pages you require. (You will find an answer page as well if you are unsure.)  

Jack and the Beanstalk Comprehension    Deadline Monday 27th April

Don’t forget your sentences for your diary as well. Your diary needs handing in on Monday 27th April with a whole week completed.

Maths:  On Abacus, play Marching Madness 2.18. It’s a fun time game to practise times to the nearest quarter of an hour: ( Log in the same as for Bug Club on Active Learn)

Try the silver or gold level if you can!


I will announce the Active Learn champions on Monday morning so you still have time to get on and play some more games and read some more books. Remember to make sure that all of those bugs have been answered and that their eyes are shut.

Thursday 23rd April

Spellings : See email

English : Today I would like you to think about the characters different emotions as they go through the story. Complete the 2 tables below to show how each of the characters is feeling during the part of the story listed at the top. You are NOT allowed to use the same word twice – you can use a thesaurus to find words which have the same meaning. Try to make your choice of emotion as interesting as you can. Try to choose at least one word for each character which you think will amaze me! I have given you a couple of words to get you started.



Selling cow

Showing mum the beans

Finding the beanstalk


chilled out





over worked






Reaching the castle

Hiding in the castle

Stealing the giant’s possessions

Chopping down the beanstalk












Don’t forget your sentences for your diary as well.


Using an analogue clock at home (or the online interactive clock shown below,) revise the position of where the longer minute hand is when it is o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. Remind the children how many minutes past the big hand has travelled each time. The following clock tool is helpful to practise moving the minute hand in 15/30 minute intervals as a recap.



Challenge: The train to London leaves at quarter past and quarter to every hour. Make a list of the times Sam can catch this train between 2 o’clock and half past 4.

Eg. Sam could catch the first train at quarter past 2.


Please see a selection of photos below from this week. A huge congratulations to all of you for settling back to work so well. I have been really impressed with your work! 

Also a big congratulations to Bessie for entering and winning a competition set by a local zumba class Bessie has been taking part in online. A super design and well earned chocolate egg.

Curriculum Letter Summer Term 1 2020 Home Learning

Wednesday 22nd April

Spellings : See email

English : Complete the table to identify different adjectives to describe the main settings in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Write your adjectives as a list, using a comma to separate each one and using ‘and’ between the final two ideas.



Jack’s cottage


Giant’s castle



Once you have completed your adjectives I would like you to put the adjectives into sentences, creating noun phrases by putting 2 adjectives together. Together your sentences will build up to create a description.  An example would be….

Inside the tiny, old cottage that Jack lived there wasn’t much to see. The cupboards were bare, the floor was bare and the large, wooden table stood empty. (Noun phrases are underlined.)

Maths:  Complete the game we practised on Monday, rolling 2 dice twice and adding the totals together. Write each of your calculations and answers down. You have 20 minutes to complete this activity, ask an adult to help time you if you are not sure exactly how long that is. Please do not correct any errors before sending. Thank you.

Thank you so much for all of you who have sent me pictures of the children's work. It looks like the children have enjoyed their return to 'school'!

Tuesday 21st April

Spellings : See email

English : Complete the table to identify different adjectives to describe the main characters in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Remember to include adjectives to describe both their appearance (what they look like) and their behaviour (things they do). Write your adjectives as a list, using a comma to separate each one and using ‘and’ between the final two ideas.


Adjectives to describe appearance

Adjectives to describe behaviour




Jack’s mum






Giant’s wife




Maths: Complete pages 7 and 11 using the umbrella method the same as yesterday. Remember to complete the THINK on both sheets. An adult or partner will be needed to discuss the final THINK on p 11. It would be really helpful if you could note down your child’s reasoning about whether the answers are correct or incorrect . Encourage use of the words tens and ones in the explanation. E.g. 45 + 37 = 72 –This answer is incorrect because, although the tens do add up to 70, when you add on the ones the total is greater than 10 (5 + 7 = 12), therefore there will be an extra ten which makes 80. The answer should be 82.


Good morning and welcome back everyone! It seems so strange to be saying that but not seeing you. I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your Easter break.

Well done to all of you who have now caught up with the work set before Easter. I will share your photos below this post for everyone to see.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be focusing of fairy tales, reading them, finding out lots about them and using one to create our own new one. The structure of the work set will be changing slightly over this half term as we look to keep the work load manageable. I will be setting one English task per day (except the first week where there will be an additional task for the week) this will include a mixture of reading and writing, a maths activity where you will be practising key skills and a spelling activity for each day. Any additional reading will always be encouraged and we will be having star Bug Club readers and Abacus game players each week.

There will be some optional elements for you to complete which will enhance the topic however all of the other work set must be completed and either posted to school or photographed and emailed to myself at cdunne@upsnodsfirst.worcs.sch.uk.


Monday 20th April 2020

To get the children back into the swing this week and to practise those key skills of writing sentences I would like the children to write at least 2 sentences everyday as a diary of their time spent at home during Covid 19. This will not only reinforce punctuation and sentence structure but I think in years to come it will be fantastic to look back on, share with their own children as we really are a part of living history at the moment. They could include facts from around the world as well or just concentrate on how life has changed for them. Please ensure accurate use of capital letters and full stops, conjunctions to extend sentences (and, so, but, because etc) and correct spelling of key words. This could be completed in a booklet, in a diary or in your books, which ever works best for you.

For Maths over the next three weeks we will be spending 2 days each weeks looking at time and 3 days practising the key skills of adding and subtracting. I will also include a 3 minute dash with your weekly email. The children really enjoy completing these and it is a great way to start your Maths session and get the brain cells warmed up!

Spellings – Please find the week’s spellings activities attached to the email I have sent you. Please let me know if you have not received this.

English – Please read and or watch the story of Jack and the Beanstalk so the children are familiar. You may like to take on the parts of the characters and act it out together! There are some versions of the story on You Tube. I found one made by Geethanjali kids which was very good, except that the giants had turned into Ogre’s, however this could be very helpful as we look to change the story slightly next week.

Maths -  Three minute dash then warm up. Roll 2 dice – make a 2 digit number with the numbers e.g. if I rolled a 4 and 5, I could choose 45 or 54. Repeat this step so that you have two 2 digit numbers. Add these numbers together. Remember your umbrella method. Draw an arch to join the two tens and add these. Draw an arch to add the two ones digits. Add the tens and ones together. I will add an image below to show you.

Then use the same method to complete page 6 in your Maths booklet – Adding 2-digit numbers. Don’t forget to complete the THINK at the bottom.

Active Learn Easter Champions

Abacus Games: Well done to Seb and Tilda who managed to complete all the levels of the games they played

Bug Club: Well done to Seb who managed to read 4 books and Rosie who managed 3


Summer Term Learning Letter - (Link)


Hello everybody. I hope you are all well and enjoying your Easter Break and the beautiful weather we have been having. Life on the farm has been very busy but with less than 50 left to lamb it's time to start thinking about school again.


Next term our learning will be focused around two fairytales. We will be beginning with Jack and the Beanstalk and then moving on to Hansel and Gretel. We will be concentrating on story writing and linking into our next topic on castles as well.

I'm sure lots of you will already have copies of these fairytales, however if you do not it would be very useful to purchase them.

As part of our work on Jack and the Beanstalk, we will be comparing it to another text from a different perspective. This book is called Trust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks! I wonder if you can guess who might have written this book?

The book is available to purchase on Amazon and other sites. The ISBN Number is ISBN : 9781406243123  and the author is Eric Braun.


Enjoy the rest of your break. Stay home and keep safe.


Best Wishes Mrs Dunne.

Below are a few pictures of the lambs on the farm and S and W helping and getting very brave! I hope you enjoy the photos. in one picture the lambs are only minutes old, can you spot the right one?

Thank you so much for all of the emails. It's lovely to see how you are all getting on with both your school work and the new skills you are all learning. Below are a few more of the photos I have been sent. Keep up the fantastic work.

Please also look out for an email containing all of next weeks Spelling/Phonics activities from Mrs Harding. If you can print this off that would be fantastic. If not use the spare pages in your book to complete the activities.

February 2020

The children have really enjoyed beginning to explore Africa, learning about the geographical features and many facts about the continent. We have transformed our reading area into an African hut and have many wooden African animals and some of Mrs Dunne's photos from one of her trips. In Maths we have been exploring division by sharing and grouping, drawing images to represent our calculations and also thought about calculating the answer on a number line. The children have done really well and are starting to link their multiplication facts to division. 

We have really enjoyed our Arts Week, from learning to dance, drum and make African masks with Kwame, meeting and holding many different African animals with Laura and tasting different fruits from Handa's basket. We have made silhouette sunsets by blending colours and created freeze frames from Handa's surprise with them. We are busy creating extra sentences to add to Handa's Surprise using the adjectives and subordinating clauses we have learned about.

January 2020

In our topic learning this week, we have used atlases to locate and name the seven continents of the world, along with the five oceans of the world. We have also explored the names of our major cities within our Country and used atlases to find their locations. In English, we have been learning about the key features of instructions—how to get them out and what important information to include. We cannot wait to use these skills to write our own instructions for Year R 1 about how we made our very own balloons. We have written instructions for how to make hot air balloons, and following them yesterday with our parents during Science morning. We have also been learning about the 4 different sentence types and what punctuation each uses. In Maths we have been investigating different ways to show and calculate answers to multiplication questions. We are really enjoying learning to play Tag Rugby and the recorders on Mondays, and we have been learning all about coding in computers. The children are able to access this from home, the log in details are in their diaries. 

December 2019

We have really enjoyed being authors over the last few weeks, writing our own chapter of 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark'. the children have had some fantastic ideas about who Plop should go and visit and what they will tell him about the dark. We have all enjoyed the repetitive language structures and enjoyed both reading and writing with great expression and enthusiasm. Our new book will soon be available to bring home and share the new adventures of Plop with families!

In Maths we have started to explore multiplication, starting with counting patterns and moving on to drawing arrays and recognising the matching multiplications. Small number facts are improving and the children are beginning to use them in a wide range of calculations.

We have all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas week, the children have made a range of products, sung for a new audience and learnt (or practised) to sew!

A super end to our first term, I look forward to seeing you all in January, well done Year 2.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work this term and wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2020. 

November 2019

Year 2 have been back in time to find out all about the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate bonfire night. We are very grateful to James I - ask the children to tell you why. We also thought about adjectives to describe fireworks and wrote our own poems. This week we have moved on to start our new topic. We have researched about animals that live in our countryside and begun to think about their habitats. We are hoping to go and explore some different habitats and maybe spot some wildlife or evidence of them. We have started reading a class text - The owl who was afraid of the dark' and have been creating noun phrases to describe Plop and other barn owls.

In Maths we have been thinking about making fact families, using inverse operations to check our answers and subtracting by partitioning (jumping back to the nearest ten and then subtracting 'the rest'!). We hope all the animals are surviving all of this rain and flooding. I wonder which animals will be affected the most?

We have been really enjoying our class text (The owl who was afraid of the dark), reading and completing comprehension in guided reading, listening in class, extracting new and interesting language and we are just starting to create a story map of Chapter 4. We are going to be creating our own new chapters to create a class story, I cant wait to find out why dark is so important to them.
In Science we have been out to experience some of our local habitats and spotted lots of evidence of where animals live. We saw lots of different plants and thought about what they were suited to their habitat, we also got rather wet!!  In Maths we have been extending our adding and subtracting to ten and multiples of tens, remembering that the ones digit never changes. We are also looking for our number bonds and doubles when adding 3 single digit numbers. 

October 2019

October has been a very month again, with more trips and lots more learning about growing and producing food. We have been to visit another farm, where we asked farmer Rob the questions we had written and would like answered. We also took a trailer ride around the farm, identifying the different stages of growth, harvest and preparation for planting in the fields. The farmers were very impressed with the children’s knowledge, and the children saw a lot more crops and cultivation. We are busy learning an information text about the wheat cycle at the moment and we are then going to write our own maize cycle.

In Maths we have been practising adding small numbers using lots of different methods and games to speed the process up. You can help at home by playing games with dice to hone the skills further. In Literacy we have been focusing on adding conjunctions to extend our sentences and add extra detail. The children are spotting them in their reading and when they are writing, I’m sure they will tell you all about them.

Chick News

We counted down the days until the 17th October when the chicks were due to hatch and right on time one chick started to peck its way out of the shell. We watched carefully, taking photos and videos (which you can see below) and soon our first chick hatched. It was an amazing experience and the children have loved finding out all about caring for the eggs and chicks. We can’t wait to watch it grow and find out if we have a little boy or girl. Sadly only one chick hatched but we might try again with some more eggs and hopefully our chick will find a friend.

Finally, thank you so much for coming to join us for our sharing assembly and Parents Evening. It was great to see you all and share how busy the children have been. It has been a super half term and the children are already quizzing me about what our next topic will be. They have some great ideas but they will have to keep guessing until after half term!

September 2019

The children have all worked so hard and are enjoying their new roles and responsibilities.  We have been concentrating on the skills for learning and thinking about how to show we are great learners in the classroom. In Maths we have been focusing on partitioning two digit numbers and gaining a real understanding of number size and order. We have also been exploring our local area, planning exciting learning opportunities for our topic and settling into Year 2. 

We have had such a wonderful time finding out about farming, visiting the Forest of Arden Ploughing Match last week to see a range of ploughing from horses right through to modern times. The children loved seeing their entries in the craft tent and we had some added bonuses of a tractor ride, meeting the Warwickshire Beagles and seeing some ladies spinning a sheep's fleece into wool for knitting. The children have produced some wonderful recounts of our trip and they learned so much. This week we have been to the Parkes' farm in Spetchley. We must say a huge thank you for their hospitality and we were so lucky to see cows being milked, fed and feeding the calves. Again the children have learned a lot and have really enjoyed producing an information text to share what they have learned with Year R and 1. We are looking forward to visiting another farm to see what crops they grow and what physical features their are on their farm. We are  also hoping to walk to see the maize in Cowsden being harvested at the beginning of October.

We were very sad to find that our class hamster 'Nibbles' had died during the weekend. we have buried him in the school grounds under a primrose plant and made him a gravestone using stones. On a happier note, we have had lots of packages arrive and we have discovered that Mrs Dunne has arranged for us to have some eggs delivered. We have all the equipment we need to incubate them and we are now counting down the 21 days until they hatch. We will let you know as soon as they do!

April 2019

We have had a very busy April in Year 2 and the children have risen to all of the challenges. We have really enjoyed continuing to learn about the Minpins, making information texts about the Spittler and putting them up on display around the school. We’ve used our skills to create information text about our class pet Nibbles and some other pets. If you’re thinking about getting a new pet take a look at the examples of our information texts.

The children have also enjoyed investigating our local environment, learning about human and physical features in Upton Snodsbury and our locality. We are busy making a map of our locality to share all of our knowledge and have been learning new skills, drawing nets, joining edges and thinking about the scale of items.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a surprise trip to the local farm to see the sheep being shorn. The children were very well behaved watching the shearers at work and children and adults alike had lots of questions to ask. We not only saw shearing, but the sheep dogs working together with farmer Will to round up the sheep too.

March 2019

Wow, what a busy March we have had, practising our words, stage directions, songs and dances for our performance as well as all of the other learning! Thank you so much for coming to watch, the children loved seeing you watching and we hope you enjoyed the REAL story of the Gingerbread Man.  We have also been learning all about subordinating conjunctions in English (please ask the children to tell you all about them) and division, tally charts and pictograms in Maths. Also, we have started a new book 'The Minpins' by Roald Dahl and the children have been making excellent predictions, linking their knowledge of other fairytales.

Hot cross bun making has been on the agenda this week, not only for ourselves but to take to some of the people who are less fortunate. Great fun was had, working alongside Year R and 1 to create our tasty treats.

February 2019

This week we shared our learning with the rest of the school and our parents; we certainty had a lot to talk about and show. In DT we finished our puppets and we found out how hard sewing can be especially just threading the needle! However we created some amazing  puppets and we are really proud that we persevered. In English, we have compared different versions of the same story: Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We then used our knowledge of alternative versions to plan, write and edit our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. In Maths, we have been looking at our 2, 5 and 10 times table knowledge to help us solve missing number problems and use the facts to divide. We then went on to looking at fractions of numbers and giving reasons for the odd ones out.


We have been learning about the different habitats animals live in and why.  We have our own hamster to look after now in class called Nibbles.  He was to sleep and burrow in his soft bedding but we managed to take some photographs of him when he woke up.

December  2018

Over the past two weeks we have been really busy finding out about where our food comes from. We visited a farm last week and found out about Sheep, chickens, pigs and diary cows. We fed the sheep and chickens and even got to stroke a cow. We stayed a bit further away from the pigs however, as they have sharp teeth and could have mistaken our fingers for food. We collected and sorted eggs from the farm's chickens and this week we used those eggs to test out three different varieties of Chocolate chip muffin. We made Vanilla and choc chip, orange and chocolate chip and mint choc chip. The winner was vanilla choc chip with mint coming in as a close second. 

                                                                                                          November 2018

This week we have been looking at our new class book called 'Cloudy with a Chance Of Meatballs' and the class were very surprised to find a giant meatball in the middle of one of the class tables at the start of the week. They were even more surprised to find a giant fried egg later in the week. We still haven't quite worked out how the giant food got into our classroom. 

We have also been using our geography skills to find and name the 7 continents of the world so that we could work out where some of Ms Groome's shopping came from. The children are all very good at finding the home of pasta (Italy in Europe) and tacos (Mexico in North America) )  too! 

November 2018

The first week back has been really busy. We have learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the 'Gunpowder Plot' and we have also been on an Autumn hike with the whole school to observe all of the beautiful changes in colours that Autumn brings.  The children will be moving onto this terms topic shortly. They will be looking at Where our food comes from and as part of this we will be looking at the story of Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs! Be careful when you visit year 2 this half term because you never know what food might be falling from our ceiling next - feel free to place your orders. 

                                                September 2018

This week we have been reading the story of Elfa and her Memory Box. The children made their own memory
boxes and brought them in for the other children to guess who they belonged to. Some children also brought
in toys that had been special to their parents. We all had lots of fun guessing who the boxes belonged to and
sharing toys that adults used to play with when they were younger.

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