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Welcome to the Year 1/2 School Gallery

This term we are looking at answering the question: 

What key features make a traditional fairy tale?

January 2021

What a busy week it has been! From human birthdays to dog birthdays and even a tooth fairy letter was received. In English this week, we have read or listened to 5 different fairy tale stories! Using these stories, we have learnt four different sentence types – statement, question, exclamation and commands. The children have done a great job at showing their understanding of these sentences through the different fairy tales. In our maths we have started with using our number bonds to 10 to help us with higher bonds to 100. Then we have started our addition and subtraction journey by adding 1 more, 1 less, 10 more and 10 less. In our topic we have had fun learning about how animals reproduce in different ways from live births to hatching from an egg. We started our lesson off with a Kahoot quiz to see how many baby names we knew.

January 2021

This week we have had so much fun as a class and with our families. Well done for all your effort with every lesson and doing such a great job. Huge thank you to our adults who have been helping us to all get organised with our lessons and zoom calls each morning. In our zoom calls this week we have been using our memory and listening skills to play games as a class like the explain game. One child saw an object and had to describe it to their peers without saying the word. This week in English, we have been acting out fairy tale stories and recognising the five key parts to the sequence of the story. Can you guess what stories we were acting from the pictures?    I have loved all the videos sent in and have been smiling and laughing all week at your props and characters that you decided to use for the story. We even had Luna, the dog acting as the mean troll! In our topic we were learning all about animals and their offspring. We have started algorithms in computing using espresso coding and can now all make pictures move using code instructions. Well done Year 1/2.

January 2021

Hello everyone, I would like to start by wishing you a happy and healthy new year for 2021. I am so proud of each and everyone of you, who have started our virtual learning with positivity and determination. It may feel unusual, but it is also so lovely to see you all every morning eager to share something with everyone from Martha’s tooth fairy note to Joseph’s electric science kit. This week we have started our learning by sharing our snow days through our recounts and ensuring we remember our punctuation and time openers. We have since been discussing our new year goals and ensuring we think about those four key areas (Myself, my friends and family, my school, our community and our world). After the year we had, I believe 2020 was a time for growing, reflecting and appreciating what we have. It is so lovely to read all your incredible goals that you would like to try and do this year. My two main goals this year is to speak to my family and friends more to check they are safe and well and my second goal is to create more fundraisers and donate to the charities that have helped me so much this year.

Autumn 1

This term we are looking at answering the question: 

How can we improve our locality?

October 2020

 We have had such a busy half term, the time has flown by and the children have been so engaged in their learning, it has been a joy to teach them. The children have enjoyed learning about our local area,  finding out about the habitats that animals live in and exploring lots of colour mixing in Art. In English we have been focussing on using accurate punctuation and have looked at writing formal letters and producing a leaflet about habitats. In Maths we have explored place value, addition and subtraction (including fact families) and have completed the Yr 1 learning by covering time and shape. Here are a few pictures of them engaged in their learning.

Thank you for all of your help and support and I wish you well for the rest of this year.

September 2020

Welcome to our new Year 2 class children. The children have all settled in really well into their new class and it is lovely to have a mixture of Year 2 and Year 1 children this year. Below you will find a few pictures of the children enjoying their well earned afternoon activity times. We have been out walking around Upton Snodsbury to identify the human and physical features and enjoyed some time on the bikes and trikes with some super role playing!

September 2020

Each class will be learning a song for our Harvest Festival Service. We will be pre-recording them to listen to during the service. Please can you help with this by listening to and practicing singing the words at home. Please click on this link to find the song and lyrics.     

Song lyrics and music

Complete song music

Below are a few pictures of the lambs on the farm and S and W helping and getting very brave!

I hope you enjoy the photos. in one picture the lambs are only minutes old, can you spot the right one?

Thank you so much for all of the emails. It's lovely to see how you are all getting on with both your school work and the new skills you are all learning.

Below are a few more of the photos I have been sent. Keep up the fantastic work.

February 2020

The children have really enjoyed beginning to explore Africa, learning about the geographical features and many facts about the continent. We have transformed our reading area into an African hut and have many wooden African animals and some of Mrs Dunne's photos from one of her trips. In Maths we have been exploring division by sharing and grouping, drawing images to represent our calculations and also thought about calculating the answer on a number line. The children have done really well and are starting to link their multiplication facts to division. 

We have really enjoyed our Arts Week, from learning to dance, drum and make African masks with Kwame, meeting and holding many different African animals with Laura and tasting different fruits from Handa's basket. We have made silhouette sunsets by blending colours and created freeze frames from Handa's surprise with them. We are busy creating extra sentences to add to Handa's Surprise using the adjectives and subordinating clauses we have learned about.

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