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Welcome to the Year 2 School Gallery
This term we are looking at answering the question: 

How can we improve our locality?

October 2020

 We have had such a busy half term, the time has flown by and the children have been so engaged in their learning, it has been a joy to teach them. The children have enjoyed learning about our local area,  finding out about the habitats that animals live in and exploring lots of colour mixing in Art. In English we have been focussing on using accurate punctuation and have looked at writing formal letters and producing a leaflet about habitats. In Maths we have explored place value, addition and subtraction (including fact families) and have completed the Yr 1 learning by covering time and shape. Here are a few pictures of them engaged in their learning.

Thank you for all of your help and support and I wish you well for the rest of this year.

September 2020

Welcome to our new Year 2 class children. The children have all settled in really well into their new class and it is lovely to have a mixture of Year 2 and Year 1 children this year. Below you will find a few pictures of the children enjoying their well earned afternoon activity times. We have been out walking around Upton Snodsbury to identify the human and physical features and enjoyed some time on the bikes and trikes with some super role playing!

Each class will be learning a song for our Harvest Festival Service. We will be pre-recording them to listen to during the service. Please can you help with this by listening to and practicing singing the words at home. Please click on this link to find the song and lyrics.     

Song lyrics and music

Complete song music

Below are a few pictures of the lambs on the farm and S and W helping and getting very brave! I hope you enjoy the photos. in one picture the lambs are only minutes old, can you spot the right one?

Thank you so much for all of the emails. It's lovely to see how you are all getting on with both your school work and the new skills you are all learning. Below are a few more of the photos I have been sent. Keep up the fantastic work.

February 2020

The children have really enjoyed beginning to explore Africa, learning about the geographical features and many facts about the continent. We have transformed our reading area into an African hut and have many wooden African animals and some of Mrs Dunne's photos from one of her trips. In Maths we have been exploring division by sharing and grouping, drawing images to represent our calculations and also thought about calculating the answer on a number line. The children have done really well and are starting to link their multiplication facts to division. 

We have really enjoyed our Arts Week, from learning to dance, drum and make African masks with Kwame, meeting and holding many different African animals with Laura and tasting different fruits from Handa's basket. We have made silhouette sunsets by blending colours and created freeze frames from Handa's surprise with them. We are busy creating extra sentences to add to Handa's Surprise using the adjectives and subordinating clauses we have learned about.

January 2020

In our topic learning this week, we have used atlases to locate and name the seven continents of the world, along with the five oceans of the world. We have also explored the names of our major cities within our Country and used atlases to find their locations. In English, we have been learning about the key features of instructions—how to get them out and what important information to include. We cannot wait to use these skills to write our own instructions for Year R 1 about how we made our very own balloons. We have written instructions for how to make hot air balloons, and following them yesterday with our parents during Science morning. We have also been learning about the 4 different sentence types and what punctuation each uses. In Maths we have been investigating different ways to show and calculate answers to multiplication questions. We are really enjoying learning to play Tag Rugby and the recorders on Mondays, and we have been learning all about coding in computers. The children are able to access this from home, the log in details are in their diaries. 

December 2019

We have really enjoyed being authors over the last few weeks, writing our own chapter of 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark'. the children have had some fantastic ideas about who Plop should go and visit and what they will tell him about the dark. We have all enjoyed the repetitive language structures and enjoyed both reading and writing with great expression and enthusiasm. Our new book will soon be available to bring home and share the new adventures of Plop with families!

In Maths we have started to explore multiplication, starting with counting patterns and moving on to drawing arrays and recognising the matching multiplications. Small number facts are improving and the children are beginning to use them in a wide range of calculations.

We have all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas week, the children have made a range of products, sung for a new audience and learnt (or practised) to sew!

A super end to our first term, I look forward to seeing you all in January, well done Year 2.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work this term and wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2020. 

November 2019

Year 2 have been back in time to find out all about the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate bonfire night. We are very grateful to James I - ask the children to tell you why. We also thought about adjectives to describe fireworks and wrote our own poems. This week we have moved on to start our new topic. We have researched about animals that live in our countryside and begun to think about their habitats. We are hoping to go and explore some different habitats and maybe spot some wildlife or evidence of them. We have started reading a class text - The owl who was afraid of the dark' and have been creating noun phrases to describe Plop and other barn owls.

In Maths we have been thinking about making fact families, using inverse operations to check our answers and subtracting by partitioning (jumping back to the nearest ten and then subtracting 'the rest'!). We hope all the animals are surviving all of this rain and flooding. I wonder which animals will be affected the most?

We have been really enjoying our class text (The owl who was afraid of the dark), reading and completing comprehension in guided reading, listening in class, extracting new and interesting language and we are just starting to create a story map of Chapter 4. We are going to be creating our own new chapters to create a class story, I cant wait to find out why dark is so important to them.
In Science we have been out to experience some of our local habitats and spotted lots of evidence of where animals live. We saw lots of different plants and thought about what they were suited to their habitat, we also got rather wet!!  In Maths we have been extending our adding and subtracting to ten and multiples of tens, remembering that the ones digit never changes. We are also looking for our number bonds and doubles when adding 3 single digit numbers. 

October 2019

October has been a very month again, with more trips and lots more learning about growing and producing food. We have been to visit another farm, where we asked farmer Rob the questions we had written and would like answered. We also took a trailer ride around the farm, identifying the different stages of growth, harvest and preparation for planting in the fields. The farmers were very impressed with the children’s knowledge, and the children saw a lot more crops and cultivation. We are busy learning an information text about the wheat cycle at the moment and we are then going to write our own maize cycle.

In Maths we have been practising adding small numbers using lots of different methods and games to speed the process up. You can help at home by playing games with dice to hone the skills further. In Literacy we have been focusing on adding conjunctions to extend our sentences and add extra detail. The children are spotting them in their reading and when they are writing, I’m sure they will tell you all about them.

Chick News

We counted down the days until the 17th October when the chicks were due to hatch and right on time one chick started to peck its way out of the shell. We watched carefully, taking photos and videos (which you can see below) and soon our first chick hatched. It was an amazing experience and the children have loved finding out all about caring for the eggs and chicks. We can’t wait to watch it grow and find out if we have a little boy or girl. Sadly only one chick hatched but we might try again with some more eggs and hopefully our chick will find a friend.

Finally, thank you so much for coming to join us for our sharing assembly and Parents Evening. It was great to see you all and share how busy the children have been. It has been a super half term and the children are already quizzing me about what our next topic will be. They have some great ideas but they will have to keep guessing until after half term!

September 2019

The children have all worked so hard and are enjoying their new roles and responsibilities.  We have been concentrating on the skills for learning and thinking about how to show we are great learners in the classroom. In Maths we have been focusing on partitioning two digit numbers and gaining a real understanding of number size and order. We have also been exploring our local area, planning exciting learning opportunities for our topic and settling into Year 2. 

We have had such a wonderful time finding out about farming, visiting the Forest of Arden Ploughing Match last week to see a range of ploughing from horses right through to modern times. The children loved seeing their entries in the craft tent and we had some added bonuses of a tractor ride, meeting the Warwickshire Beagles and seeing some ladies spinning a sheep's fleece into wool for knitting. The children have produced some wonderful recounts of our trip and they learned so much. This week we have been to the Parkes' farm in Spetchley. We must say a huge thank you for their hospitality and we were so lucky to see cows being milked, fed and feeding the calves. Again the children have learned a lot and have really enjoyed producing an information text to share what they have learned with Year R and 1. We are looking forward to visiting another farm to see what crops they grow and what physical features their are on their farm. We are  also hoping to walk to see the maize in Cowsden being harvested at the beginning of October.

We were very sad to find that our class hamster 'Nibbles' had died during the weekend. we have buried him in the school grounds under a primrose plant and made him a gravestone using stones. On a happier note, we have had lots of packages arrive and we have discovered that Mrs Dunne has arranged for us to have some eggs delivered. We have all the equipment we need to incubate them and we are now counting down the 21 days until they hatch. We will let you know as soon as they do!

April 2019

We have had a very busy April in Year 2 and the children have risen to all of the challenges. We have really enjoyed continuing to learn about the Minpins, making information texts about the Spittler and putting them up on display around the school. We’ve used our skills to create information text about our class pet Nibbles and some other pets. If you’re thinking about getting a new pet take a look at the examples of our information texts.

The children have also enjoyed investigating our local environment, learning about human and physical features in Upton Snodsbury and our locality. We are busy making a map of our locality to share all of our knowledge and have been learning new skills, drawing nets, joining edges and thinking about the scale of items.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a surprise trip to the local farm to see the sheep being shorn. The children were very well behaved watching the shearers at work and children and adults alike had lots of questions to ask. We not only saw shearing, but the sheep dogs working together with farmer Will to round up the sheep too.

March 2019

Wow, what a busy March we have had, practising our words, stage directions, songs and dances for our performance as well as all of the other learning! Thank you so much for coming to watch, the children loved seeing you watching and we hope you enjoyed the REAL story of the Gingerbread Man.  We have also been learning all about subordinating conjunctions in English (please ask the children to tell you all about them) and division, tally charts and pictograms in Maths. Also, we have started a new book 'The Minpins' by Roald Dahl and the children have been making excellent predictions, linking their knowledge of other fairytales.

Hot cross bun making has been on the agenda this week, not only for ourselves but to take to some of the people who are less fortunate. Great fun was had, working alongside Year R and 1 to create our tasty treats.

February 2019

This week we shared our learning with the rest of the school and our parents; we certainty had a lot to talk about and show. In DT we finished our puppets and we found out how hard sewing can be especially just threading the needle! However we created some amazing  puppets and we are really proud that we persevered. In English, we have compared different versions of the same story: Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We then used our knowledge of alternative versions to plan, write and edit our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. In Maths, we have been looking at our 2, 5 and 10 times table knowledge to help us solve missing number problems and use the facts to divide. We then went on to looking at fractions of numbers and giving reasons for the odd ones out.


We have been learning about the different habitats animals live in and why.  We have our own hamster to look after now in class called Nibbles.  He was to sleep and burrow in his soft bedding but we managed to take some photographs of him when he woke up.

December 2019

Over the past two weeks we have been really busy finding out about where our food comes from. We visited a farm last week and found out about Sheep, chickens, pigs and diary cows. We fed the sheep and chickens and even got to stroke a cow. We stayed a bit further away from the pigs however, as they have sharp teeth and could have mistaken our fingers for food. We collected and sorted eggs from the farm's chickens and this week we used those eggs to test out three different varieties of Chocolate chip muffin. We made Vanilla and choc chip, orange and chocolate chip and mint choc chip. The winner was vanilla choc chip with mint coming in as a close second. 

                                                                                                          November 2018

This week we have been looking at our new class book called 'Cloudy with a Chance Of Meatballs' and the class were very surprised to find a giant meatball in the middle of one of the class tables at the start of the week. They were even more surprised to find a giant fried egg later in the week. We still haven't quite worked out how the giant food got into our classroom. 

We have also been using our geography skills to find and name the 7 continents of the world so that we could work out where some of Ms Groome's shopping came from. The children are all very good at finding the home of pasta (Italy in Europe) and tacos (Mexico in North America) )  too! 

November 2018

The first week back has been really busy. We have learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the 'Gunpowder Plot' and we have also been on an Autumn hike with the whole school to observe all of the beautiful changes in colours that Autumn brings.  The children will be moving onto this terms topic shortly. They will be looking at Where our food comes from and as part of this we will be looking at the story of Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs! Be careful when you visit year 2 this half term because you never know what food might be falling from our ceiling next - feel free to place your orders. 

                                                September 2018

This week we have been reading the story of Elfa and her Memory Box. The children made their own memory
boxes and brought them in for the other children to guess who they belonged to. Some children also brought
in toys that had been special to their parents. We all had lots of fun guessing who the boxes belonged to and
sharing toys that adults used to play with when they were younger.

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