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Author Visit - Theresa Davis 

Writer of Fiery Fox 

On Wednesday we had the pleasure of having author Teresa Davis come into school.  Teresa has successfully written her first book Fiery Fox.  The children learned about fire safety through her story.  Everyone got the opportunity to ask questions about her story and learned how the book illustrations were produced.  At the end the children were able  to buy a signed copy of her book. 


October 2021

                                                                                                     Year 2 Sharing Assembly

Year 2 wrote and filmed a sharing assembly to show what they have been learning this half term. We hope that you enjoy it.


National Apple Day - 21st October 2021

Upton Snodsbury used to be famous for its many orchards so we celebrated National Apple Day in school but making our own apple juice. Thank you to Paul who came in to help us with his apple press.

"I liked the apple juice because it was nice and sweet' - Georgia

"It was interesting to see how it was made. I liked because I have never had anything like it before." - Thomas

Rocksteady Music School 


This week, the children were very lucky to hear live music from Rocksteady to experience instruments that could be played in a band (drums, bass, guitar and  keyboard).

 Martha "Ben came to school to show us some instruments. He showed us the electric guitar, electric drums, keyboard and microphone for singing."

 Max "He came to show us what it's like to be in a band. It was really fun and exciting."




This week we focused on being thankful for the food that we had. As part of this we went to church to celebrate the Harvest Festival. Many thanks for all the contributions. The offerings that the children shared will be distributed to the  Pershore Food Bank and some will be auctioned off for the Farmers Overseas Action Group. During the service we sang some of the children's  favourite hymns, completed a quiz about Harvest around the world and Year 2 shared some Autumn poems. A big thank you to the talented Mrs Barker who made us a harvest loaf.


September 2021

Grounds Day - 28th September 

Great teamwork today!  


On Tuesday, we all worked as a great team to clean up our outdoor areas.

This is what the children had to say about it:

 Honey said, " I really enjoyed sweeping up the leaves because I liked making the floor clean."

 Rosie said, "I liked cutting the brambles down, because that means the little children wouldn't get hurt by the spikes."

Joseph said," I was looking out for my younger friends by pulling out the stingy nettles so that they don't get hurt."

The children were super at planting new flowers, cleaning the  playground and dusting the cobwebs away. Thank you children for making our grounds looks beautiful! 


 National Fitness Day 

Miss Jones set us all some challenges to see how many we could complete.  We also had a warm up with a boogie in the Sunshine room.



July 2021 - Sports Day

What a fantastic Sports Day!  Well done to Willow House.

Brass Bands England 

We had the pleasure of Mr Paul McLaughlin from Brass Bands England come into the school .  He demonstrated to the  children the various brass instruments they could play.  Visit our Facebook Page for a video of our children in action.  To read more about the BBE programme please visit :


March 2021 - Easter Traditions

Y3/4 have been exploring Easter Traditions from around the world. The children carried out some research to then report back to the school what they'd found out. The Easter Traditions were a lot of fun and the Children enjoyed acting them out! 

In Year 2 and 1 they looked at Easter symbols and created this Imovie for the Easter service. 

March 2021 - Red Nose Day Fun 
World Book and Careers Week 

Take a look at the videos shown below of all the different careers.


Do you remember Hayley Reynolds? She came to our school just over a year ago now to teach us some of her artistic skills. Watch the video to see where she works and why she became an artist.


This is AnnaAnna is a professional musician and she plays the violin. She grew up in a small village like Upton Snodsbury and now lives in London with her husband and 2 children who are 5 and 7. She has travelled all over the world for her job, playing for some very famous people as well as people like you and your family. She started with classical music but has also played music for pop stars including touring with Lana Del Rey and Simply Red and recently worked with Hugh Jackman, who was in the "Greatest Show". She loves her job and it makes her happy to see people enjoy her music.


Say Hello to Anthony Eden. In this video he will be telling you all about his job as an actor and how he started.

IT Security for the NHS

Here we have Mat Dawson-Jones telling us all about why he decided to work with computers and where his job has taken him.

Orthopaedic Surgeon
George Cooper has put together a PowerPoint to show us what his job is and tells us about all the hard work that goes into being a surgeon.
Download the PowerPoint to watch the videos on each slide.

Veterinary Nurse
Here is Emma Faizey giving us a tour of where she works at Martin and Carr Vets and some of the things she has to do.
Would you like to work in a vets?


Here is Natasha Dent telling us all about what her job is and why she wanted to be a physiotherapist.

A Day on the Farm Part 1 and Part 2

Have you ever wondered what a day on a farm is like? Well, look no further as Mrs Dunne takes you through a day on the farm.

 February  2021 - Rugby Movement Challenge

 A big thank you to Mr Wyllie who joined us over zoom today to complete the rugby movement challenge. The staff and children really enjoyed it, and I hope that those of you at home did too. Taking a short break from things and doing some exercise is always a good way of making you physically and mentally stronger.


Together in Spirt - 2021

Did you know that the teddy bear has been around for over 100 years as the first ones were made in the first few years of the 1900's? No matter how young or old, cuddly friends hold so many memories and can give us security and hope. So, we got thinking… why not give all the children a sign that even though
we are all apart we are altogether in spirit? FUSS agreed with us and so have kindly enabled us to buy each and every child their own Upton Snodsbury teddy bear. By having a cuddly friend, we hope that your child has something to help them through this difficult time and help them build a feeling of
comfort, trust and belonging. The teddy bears are now trying to take over in school so please on your daily exercise come and pick yours up

Christmas Carols on the playground 
                                                                            Memory Garden 

All the children in the school planted  bulbs in our ‘Bee Happy Memory Garden’ where we have planted plants to encourage the bees. The children thought of Mrs Tullett and people in their family they wanted to remember when all the bulbs grow and flourish next Spring.


Newts 2020

Mr Macefield very kindly came into school to help us find out what is in our school pond. We found a few common newts and a juvenile one that still had its gills! Our pond may be dark and muddy but the newts love it! Thank you Mr Macefield!

Maths Morning - 12th March 2020

We have had a fabulous Arts week with extra ordinary visitors in school.  Kwame Bakoji-Hume taught us African dance, drumming and how to create African masks as well as sharing culture and his life in Africa.  Laura ‘Animal Lady’ taught us all about African animals and their importance in the circle of life in Africa, it was fascinating.

This week we visited the Science museum in Bristol which is called We the Curious and we thoroughly enjoyed the visit. 


Burn’s Night
January 25th 2020 is Burn’s Night. We had a flavour of this celebration on Wednesday 29th January. The children wore something tartan with their uniform. to celebrate Burn's birthday. They tasted haggis and tried to do some Scottish Dancing to celebrate Burn's birthday.


Author Visit

Last week we had an visit from the author C.S Clifford. We all started the morning together where Steve talked to us about being an author. We all got the opportunity to ask him questions and we were impressed how many questions the children had. After, all of the children were set a task based on time travel. Steve then spent time in all the classes and all the children were enthused with his ideas and the excitement he demonstrated towards reading and writing. The activities included some story telling sessions, writing their own time travelling story and imagining a new world. For KS2 he also held editing and dramatic sentence sessions. At the end of the day, Steve commented how he was impressed by the behaviour of our pupils and their imaginations.


 Christmas Party

All children received a party ticket and enjoyed a fabulous party day.  Father Christmas came and gave all the children a Christmas present.


Christmas Lunch

The children enjoyed a lovely Christmas Lunch from Innovate. Today they enjoyed their party food with a special visitor who gave them all a present and a Santa challenge.


Christmas Carol Singing

We had a huge turnout of parents watching us sing a medley of carols in The Oak on Tuesday.  The children sang beautifully.  Thank you to all the staff for our delicious chocolate brownies.


Christmas Craft Day

The children enjoyed make some DT based Christmas presents this week.  They took great care making them we hope you liked them all.




St Kenelm’s Tree Festival

The children were asked to bring in a picture or a photograph of what Christmas means to them.  This has then formed our Christmas Tree display.  You are able to visit St Kenelm’s Church over the weekend to see what your children have created.


The children learnt about the Hindu celebration Diwali.  They tasted Indian sweets and took part  in a Diwali Dance Workshop.

We celebrated Harvest Festival this week where the children shared their offerings which will be distributed to the Pershore Food Bank and some will be auctioned off for Farmers Overseas Action Group (FOAG).  During the service they shared poems, the making of bread in the past and present and they told the story of The Little Red Hen. The children shared some bread and then made their own harvest hedgehog.

Friendship Week

The children made new friends and created friendship bands for each other over the week.  We discussed what makes a good friend and heard stories about friendship.  See our friends in the whole school gallery.


On Wednesday we said goodbye to our Year 4 children.  We wish them much happiness for the future, they have been a super year group to teach.   Thank you Year 4’s for the lovely books donated to our school.


Annual House Sports Event.

Everyone gave their best and showed good sportsmanship at our House Sports Event, including our Mums and Dads who competed in their races.  It was a most enjoyable morning.  The winning house was Sycamore.


This week the Whole School went to see the production of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

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We took part in St Kenelm's Church Flower Festival at the weekend.  The theme was recycling.

The children in all classes were thinking about others this Easter and baked hot cross buns. A box was taken to the homeless cafe last night in Copenhagen street to help people who were living on the streets. The children also enjoyed tasting them today. 

We were really impressed with the children who took part in the Keyboard Recital.  We can really see how they are progressing.  Well done all.

World Book Week

Instead of the day the Whole School spent a week looking at 'Where the Wild Things Are'.  There has been a real buzz around the school with the children taking part in activities including sharing books with each other and parents, creating their own wild thing and a fantastic dance workshop.

Bendyydd Dewi sant (St David's Day)

We learnt about St David's Day in school and some of the children came in with some very interesting headwear!


Burns Celebrations - continued

We have had an exciting time eating haggis, practicing Scottish Dancing and finding out how the bagpipes work from Mr McNeil over the last two weeks. 

Christmas Tree Festival
As a school, we decorated a hand for our Christmas tree that is displayed at St Kenelm's Church for the
Christmas Tree Festival. Each child wrote a prayer on their hand and decorated it.

Bedtime Story Night

Who does not enjoy a bedtime story?  The children in Year R 1 and 2 certainly do.  They came back to school in their pyjamas to listen to a range of bedtime stories.  Whilst enjoying the stories they were luck enough to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

Children in Need

We enjoyed coming to school wearing something spotty. We loved decorating our cakes at


Whole School Hike

We all enjoyed our 2 mile hike on Monday.

Harvest Festival

What a lovely service we had today and it was great to have so many Parents join us.  The generous donations will be sent to Farmers Overseas Action Group and Pershore Food Bank.

Wednesday 25th March

Parents were invited in to take part in a Science morning. To begin with they had a meeting with Mrs Mayo, the Science coordinator, to look at how we teach Science here. They then went in to the classrooms to take part in investigations with the children. We had a lot of fun discovering new facts.

Friday 23rd March

We had a talk from “ACE” the Gladiator Warren Furnam on his faith and beliefs. Children also shared their favorite sports heroes. 

Bedtime Story Night

What a lovely evening we had! It was great to see Year R, 1 and 2 in their pyjamas ready for bedtime story night. A great big thank you to our readers of the evening; Mr Thwaites, Mr Gray and Mrs Barber. The children enjoyed listening to the three different stories with their favourite cuddly teddies.

September 2017

Arts Morning

For our first arts morning this term we were looking at how to sketch our self-portraits. We learnt to look carefully at ourselves using mirrors and draw where our features should go. We also learnt how to draw mouths and eyes in detail but through surrealism art. 

PE Equipment

We have some new gym wall bars to climb on for PE in the Village Hall.  Year 1 and 2 have tried them out.

Race For Life

Our Race For Life raised £120.00.  Well done.

Year 3 4 Gardening Club

The Gardening Club went to David's Nurseries and choose flowers for one of our empty flower beds.  They were given advice from Tim and purchased almost £100.00 worth of flowers, which was donated by James Keetley-Smith's family.   They will be planting them next week.

For our final Try it Out Friday we were lucky enough to have Miss Double in to teach us all how to do Country Dancing. It was lots of fun! 

The Children have been busy getting our school ready for next week's open garden afternoon. We have been planting in our recycled wellies and bottles.

Well done to the Gardening Club who have planted up all our flower pots.

Readathon Money

Malvern Books came into school with a vast array of fiction and non fiction books for the children to view.  They chose £300.00 worth of books for our school library, this adds to the £300 chosen from Usborne Books.


Year 3 and 4 took part in a Dance Festival alongside other First Schools in our  pyramid. The children created a dance based on the theme water and even lead the teaching of the 1970's Slosh dance and the cool down.

The children made some fabulous crosses from recycled materials. Well done.

The children enjoying our new play area. 

Year R / 1 have a new role play loft.  

We were treated today to a musical performance from our keyboard players.  The children

performed confidently to an audience of parents and pupils.  Photographs on the website.


Science week has been very exciting here at school with numerous experiments and investigations taking place in each class which the children enthusiastically shared with each other in assembly today.

During the week the whole school was visited by Mr Wilson who told the children about (and demonstrated) the science of chromatography in addition he showed how scientists use equipment such as the raspberry pi to record measurements under a second.



Recycling Week

Last week we learnt about recycling rubbish,  Mr Chapman came in and told us how rubbish is recycled and where it goes.  In Arts morning we made bird feeders, planters, pencil pots, musical instruments and wind chimes from things we throw away.  Year 3 / 4 had a talk from Mrs Stevens on how to make good compost.  After the talk they got a spoon to look for creepy crawlies that help to rot out waste into compost.

RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch

This week the children in Yr R, 1 and 2 have taken part in the RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch.  We observed and recorded the number and different types of wild birds we could find. We also closed our eyes to see how many different types of birdsongs we could recognise.  The children have been encouraged to do this out of school as well as in school.  Photographs are on our website.

Carol Singing a The Oak

The children sang some traditional carols and Christmas songs to their families and friends at The Oak in Upton Snodsbury.  Thank you to The Oak who gave them chocolate brownies instead of figgy pudding!

December 2016

 The children have had their Christmas jumper day to raise money for NSPCC, Acorns and the Grace Kelly Ladybird Fund. Please view our school's Mannequin challenge here on Youtube.          Upton Snodsbury First School would like to wish everybody a very Happy Christmas.

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