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Year R/1

This Term we are looking at answering:

How do superheroes make a difference?

                                                                                       October 2018 
To finish our topic, we have designed our own superhero capes.
First we chose what colour we wanted to tie dye the old bed sheets, then what shaped logo we wanted and
finally the colour of our letter to show what superhero we are. Thank you to all of our family who came to
visit our super classroom and see us dressed head to toe as superheroes!
                                                                                     October 2018 
In English we have been surprised every morning, vegetables have been tied up around our classroom.
We decided, making a supertato would help save our vegetables. We have helped mash evil pea's friends,
hammer them out of the ice and play hot seating and act like one of the superhero vegetables.
September 2018 
These are pictures of our first forest school afternoon as a whole class.
We enjoyed exploring our mud kitchen, creating dens, finding different leaves and working together.
                                                                             September 2018 
Our new reception children have had lots of fun for their first full time week.
We have been learning our new sounds and have been exploring numbers using dice and number lines.

This summer term we have been answering the question:

What would dinosaurs and animals need to live?

June 2018

In Science, we have been learning about growing plants and what plants need to survive. We have planted our own sunflower seeds and we are undertaking a scientific experiment to see how seeds grow and what they need.

June 2018

This week during Forest School, we watched the live broadcast of Springwatch Wild Academy, which was to all schools interested. We all really enjoyed it and then went out side and built homes for the animals we saw on the broadcast.  

June 2018

This week, we have 'learning all about me' and what things we need to do to keep us healthy. We tasted a variety of fruits, designed and then made our own fruit kebabs. 

May 2018

During Forest School this week, Mr Macefield kindly came into school to help with the pond dipping. He is an ecologist and we all enjoyed finding out all about the animals that live in the pond and identifying what they are.  Thank you Mr Macefield, it was really interesting!

May 2018

We have had a very exciting week, as we have watched our eggs hatch and then we even got a chance to hold the chicks!

May 2018

This week in Maths, we have been making amounts using money to buy two, or more dinosaurs. The challenge for Year 1 was to add 4 amounts.