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Welcome to the Year 2 School Gallery
This term we are looking at answering

What do animals and humans need to survive?

                                                                                 October 2017 
This week we have been learning about instructions.
We started by following instructions to make a cat mask like Mog from our story.
October 2017
Before our food, from the harvest service, went to the food bank we learnt about different food groups.
September 2017
For our harvest service, we all donated lots of different food to be sent to the food bank.
Year 2 have
been writing acrostic poems for our harvest service where some of us read them out in church.
September 2017
This week we have learnt how important it is to know our alphabet and how to put words in alphabetical order.
This has now helped us to become more independent and use a dictionary for our spellings.
September 2017
This week we have been planning and writing our own alternative story for Mog and the Vee Ee Tee.
We will then be editing and writing these up to go in our first class book.
September 2017
This week we voted for our school and eco council representatives.
                                                                                    September 2017
This week we had lots of fun during arts morning. We learnt all about how to draw self-portraits
and the features of our face. Here you can see us trying surrealism style.
September 2017
This week in Forest School we have been learning how to use pen knives.
We also really enjoyed using the extended mud kitchen!
How do you become a successful pirate?
July 2017
This week we have been finishing of making and assembling our Pirate ships ready to paint next week.
Once finished we followed instructions to make a mini boat for our ship's crew.
June 2017 
We have had a super day dressed as pirates this week! We make a ravishing crew in Year 2. Oooooh Arrrrr!!!!
Take a look at what we got up to when our pirate visitor showed us all to know about pirates.
June 2017 
This week we have started to use our knowledge of pirates and have designed and planned how we're going to
make our very own pirate ship and flag.
June 2017 
This week for try it out Friday we joined the circus!
We had lots of fun and were given lots of circus props to practise with such as; feather balancing,
scarf juggling, cup and ball catching and even had a go on the mini bicycles and unicycles.
June 2017
We have started try it out Friday and for this week we had the opportunity to try out Yoga.
It was very relaxing and helped us to listen to sounds around us, including our breathing.
June 2017
To start of our topic for our last term we walked in to the classroom and found a pirate ship had taken
over our reading corner! All week we've been asking questions, wearing eye patches and completing
treasure hunts to find out more about pirates.

How are different localities special?

May 2017
In computers we have been learning about emails, being safe on emails and how to use our school emails.
Then we received an email from Katie Morag asking all about what it's like where we live. It was so exciting!
May 2017
This week we have been looking at different questions in maths and the best way to solve them.
We used our red robber subtraction and green greenhouse addition stickers to work out the problem.
May 2017
We've started of the topic looking at a locality far away from us as we had a delivery
from a message in a bottle.
It was Katie Morag! We have been reading her stories and
researching all about the Isle of Coll, where the stories are set.
April 2017
This week we have been doing lots of investigations with our numbers.

Here you can see us playing the mystery calculator. I bet we can guess your number!