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Welcome to the Year 2 School Gallery
This term we are looking at answering the question: 

What are memory boxes and why are they important?

November 2018

The first week back has been really busy. We have learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the 'Gunpowder Plot' and we have also been on an Autumn hike with the whole school to observe all of the beautiful changes in colours that Autumn brings.  The children will be moving onto this terms topic shortly. They will be looking at Where our food comes from and as part of this we will be looking at the story of Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs! Be careful when you visit year 2 this half term because you never know what food might be falling from our ceiling next - feel free to place your orders. 

                                                September 2018

This week we have been reading the story of Elfa and her Memory Box. The children made their own memory
boxes and brought them in for the other children to guess who they belonged to. Some children also brought
in toys that had been special to their parents. We all had lots of fun guessing who the boxes belonged to and
sharing toys that adults used to play with when they were younger.

This term we are looking at answering

How can the rain forest be protected?

                                                                                          June 2018
This week we have been reading the story of The Great Kapok Tree. From this story, we have been discussing,
acting and
writing reasons why it is important for people to stop chopping down the trees in the
Amazon Rain forest. Here you can see us acting as a different animal in the rain forest and persuading
the lady to put down her axe and think about what she's doing.
                                                                                         June 2018
In our first week, we used books and iPads to help us research and find information about the
Amazon Rain forest. We then created posters focusing on animals, weather and food and presented our
posters to the rest of the class.
              How and when did dinosaurs become extinct?
                                                                                    May 2018
This week we were lucky enough to visit Year R/1 so we could hold their new chicks.

We had to make sure we were silent so we didn't scare them.
May 2018
We have had a week all about 2D and 3D shapes. We discussed similarities and differences
and were then using a venn diagram to sort our shapes into their properties.
                                                                                January 2018 
We have been reading lots of different fairy tales so we can understand the five part sequence.
Can you guess what story we are acting out?
January 2018
We came back to school and saw that something had happened over the Christmas holidays.
We noticed porridge, golden eggs, gingerbread men, high healed shoe, basket and beans!
We wonder what happened?

Who are explorers and what did they discover?

December 2017
As you can see from our faces, we were extremely excited about seeing and tasting snow for the first time!
                                                                               December 2017 
We have been using the ipads for our new favourite app, Kahoot!
We've been answering questions on explorers and competing against each other to win.
November 2017 
During maths this week we have been learning about fact families. To do this we investigated
making different towers that had to cost a certain amount. To challenge ourselves we had to make a taller
tower that went over 2 cubes.
                                                                                    November 2017 
We had a fantastic time watching Stick Man at the Malvern Theatre!
During forest school we even created our very own stick man.
                  What do animals and humans need to survive?
October 2017 
To finish off our topic we shared what we had been learning in front of the
rest of the school and our family and friends.
October 2017
We had a fantastic time at Aston Hall Farm this week.
We had a tour of the farm on a tractor ride, saw the cows and their calves, horses and their foals and
even some sheep.
October 2017
Using our understanding of making a cat mask, we then wrote instructions on how to make another animal mask.
We then followed our friend's instructions to see if they'd work.
October 2017 
Do you know who took the chocolate and biscuits?

Well, we found out by investigating and measuring the teacher's feet in our school.
                                                                                 October 2017 
This week we have been learning about instructions.
We started by following instructions to make a cat mask like Mog from our story.
October 2017
Before our food, from the harvest service, went to the food bank we learnt about different food groups.
September 2017
For our harvest service, we all donated lots of different food to be sent to the food bank.
Year 2 have
been writing acrostic poems for our harvest service where some of us read them out in church.
September 2017
This week we have learnt how important it is to know our alphabet and how to put words in alphabetical order.
This has now helped us to become more independent and use a dictionary for our spellings.
September 2017
This week we have been planning and writing our own alternative story for Mog and the Vee Ee Tee.
We will then be editing and writing these up to go in our first class book.
September 2017
This week we voted for our school and eco council representatives.
                                                                                    September 2017
This week we had lots of fun during arts morning. We learnt all about how to draw self-portraits
and the features of our face. Here you can see us trying surrealism style.
September 2017
This week in Forest School we have been learning how to use pen knives.
We also really enjoyed using the extended mud kitchen!