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On Wednesday 22nd Sept we visited St Kelemn's Church for  "Open the Book".  The Worship Council did an excellent job alongside Mrs Bennett.





This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 9th July  2021

Worship Theme:  Hope for the future.

We looked at Hope for the future. As part of this, we recapped Noah’s Ark – and asked the children questions such as: What happened? Why did God do this do you think? We looked at how everyone can start again and symbols like the Dove can show us that we hope that the world can be safe and peaceful. We linked this to the Year 3 4  topic and how we can look after our environment to bring hope for the Earth’s future. We then had a workshop from Severn Trent which discussed wonderful water and what we can do to look after it.




This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 2nd July  2021

Worship Theme:  Hope for the future 

We have looked at Hope for the future this week. We recapped the image of the rainbow and where we have seen it lots at over the past few months. We then looked at the future and discussed what the children hope to be when they are older? (Some of them have changed since book week!) We then shared a story about the trees
and their hope and discussed how we have hopes and we have to work towards these but God may have different plans. We also saw this through how Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples to spread his word. Of course, we also mentioned the hope of the future that England fans have! Not only with the hope that after 55 years England never
gave up hope that they could beat Germany. They now also have hope with the future matches.

This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 25th June   2021

Worship Theme:  Looking at how many Christians believe that Jesus
is the hope of the world.

We began by looking at different images of light and discussing reasons why we need it. Through reading Genesis 1:3-5 we saw God that created light. We also looked at how Jesus is often referred to as being light of the world and showing that he shows that there is always light in darkness which means that there is always hope. We read and talked about Bible stories which showed this which included Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10: 46–52) and Luke 17:11-19 where Jesus healed a leper. From this we looked at how we could give hope to others and be the light in their day - sometimes this could be as simple as a smile.

This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 18th June   2021

Worship Theme:  Bringing Hope to Others


The children discussed the meaning of hope and followed it with the fable The lion and the mouse. This story showed us to bring hope to others by helping one another when they are stuck so they believe in themselves. We also looked at situations where someone needed help and how we help them to encourage them not to give up hope. We discussed how the story of Esther inspires us not to give up hope but to go on  believing and trusting in the Lord. Following this we shared the story Great and The Giants and how we can work together for a better future to protect our environment. This led on to looking at how people in the past have given hope to others such as Martin Luther King. Through messages such as his, we looked at how we can bring hope to anyone regardless of their background, what they look like, their religion and how everyone in the world has opportunities and we should all aim to ensure everyone gets to know what hope is. We finished off by listening to waiting in line by Bob Hartman from his rhyming Bible. It showed us how Jesus stood up for children in the story and this is what we should do for each other.



This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 11th June  2021

Worship Theme:  Hope

This week we looked at the importance of Hope. We began by looking at seeds and what they grow in to, if we look after them well. As part of this, we then looked at the parable of the Sower and how we can grow through love, kindness and respect.  We also read the The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry . This focuses on how deforestation is a recurring problem and impacts the entire planet. This story illustrates that there is hope for people to make changes. After both of these we spoke about how the children can grow too.


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 28th May  2021

Worship Theme:  Sharing 

Sharing Assemblies 




This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 21st May  2021

Worship Theme:  Respect 


Finishing our theme of Respect this term, we focused on respecting people and traditions. We   started at looking at different traditions that we have as families, and children shared ones that they have as a family. It included places that they always go together as a family, and having pancakes for breakfast on birthdays. We looked at different traditions from different countries and their traditional clothing. We talked about how it can be hard not to giggle when we see things that are very different, to what we wear, to ensure that we think of other people's feelings when this happens. Looking forward to Tokyo 2021 we spoke about sport traditions and how we can show respect at sporting events. What family traditions do you have and do you think you could start any new ones.





This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 14th May  2021

Worship Theme:  Respect other religions 

Continuing with respect, we focused on different religions and how we may not believe the same things as   others, but we still need to be respectful. We looked at how people have many different Gods and religions.  We discussed  different beliefs by addressing the different types of clothes or jewellery that   children may be wearing that are recognisable as symbols of their religion. We followed this up by reading the story 'Whoever you are' and 'hats of faith'. On Wednesday, we also looked at Eid Mubarak. We looked at how people would be celebrating it and compared it to some Christian celebrations.


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 7th May  2021

Worship Theme:  Respect for animals and insects


We talked about how animals and insects are living things so should be shown respect even if we do not like that animal. We discussed strategies of coping with animals that we found scary and what we could do to help us and/or the animal. The  children created a list of all of their ideas on how they show respect and looked at how the hymn 'All things Bright and Beautiful' and 'If I were a buttery' thank God for all the beautiful things that we have around us. We also looked at how around school we encourage the animals and insects through our bug houses, feeding the birds and our pollination patch. Can the children tell you what they do at home to show respect?



This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 30th April 2021

Worship Theme:  Respect in school and in the local community


There is also a change of date for the first proposed date for Sports Day due to transition days that are   happening for Year 4. We will also use these dates in school for children to spend time with their new class. I will let you know more details closer to the time.


This week we looked at showing respect to those around us including the local community in school. We looked at ways we can show it in school to each other by our actions and our words. Through this we had discussions about words such as “consideration” and “manners” and what these meant.  Following discussions, we shared the story “Give thank you a try” and the story “Elisha and the Widow”. We also looked at our actions before and after school and what we can do to help the local community around school. We hope to work even closer with the local community in the future too.


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 23rd April  2021

Worship Theme:  Respect & Reverence


This week we looked at showing respect to God. We discussed how we show this through our actions and words to each other. We also discussed what we do in school to show reverence such as praying. We focused on the Lord's prayer and the different prayers we say throughout the day. We also discussed how God will always listen if we pray and respect him. We then listened to the story of Jesus and the Temple and examined how we show respect in   places of Worship.


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 2nd April 2021

Worship Theme —  The Story of Easter

We spent the week looking at the story of Easter and the importance that it holds in the Christian calendar. The story was shared in different ways including a Lego version and outside on the playground. Today we held our annual Easter service and each class contributed something different to this. R/1 sang us a song, Year 2/1 looked at a variety of Easter symbols and Year 3/4 looked at how Easter was  celebrated around the world. All classes had great fun researching for their part and you will be able to find their videos on the school website under whole school gallery .


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 26th March 2021

Worship Theme —  Giving Time Generously

This week in Worship we looked at giving time generously. We began the week by participating in a litter pick in around the school grounds and the local community. We feel strongly that as a school we need to give our time to the community and see what we can do to help. From the Bible we shared the Good Samaritan and looked at giving our time to everybody and it is not fair to pick and choose who we are generous to. We also shared the story Lubna and the pebble which highlighted that no matter what situation you are in, you can help others. At the end of the week, we discussed that sometimes we think we are sharing and being generous, when really, we are keeping the best for
ourselves and 5 minutes of tidying our rooms is not being generous with our time. This linked this to our school Christian value of needing to be responsible and share like God has with us and not be greedy.

This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 19th March 2021

Worship Theme —  The Joy of Being Generous


 This week we looked at the joy that can happen when we are generous. We discussed how this is not limited to being generous with money, but time and love are just as important. We shared moments that we had been  generous and what it felt like when we saw someone being happy because of our actions. We also shared the story of the Tax Collector from the Bible and saw how Jesus shared his love. We listened to the feeding of the 5,000 and discussed how we could help others by donating to food banks when we go shopping and we also listened to the "Jar of happiness". This story focuses on a girl who loses her jar of happiness, but others give generously so that she is happy once more. It all culminated in us sharing smiles as part of our Red Nose Day fundraising.


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 12th March 2021

Worship Theme —  Feelings - strategies to cope

To support the return to onsite learning for all, we focused on different strategies that the children can use when they are feeling unsettled or unsure. We shared stories such as ‘William the Worrier’ and 'In it together'. We discussed how we are all different and we all have different ways of making ourselves calmer. Some of the techniques that we discussed were: smelling clothing to remind us of home; drawing a small heart on our hand to press when we want to link with someone at home; looking at turning  worries in to questions to see if we can identify what is worrying us; breathing in and blowing away a feather for deep breaths whilst picturing a happy memory and putting on our favourite music and having a dance. At home, can you talk to your child about which one might help them and/or discuss other  strategies. We will share these other strategies in Worship on Monday. 


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 26th February 2021

Worship Theme —  Kindness

     In Worship we recapped how we needed to be kind to ourselves. We then moved on to how to be kind to each other. This led to us looking at Lent and how we could be kind to others as part of this. We looked at 40 acts that we could do for the remainder of Lent. There is a link below to the acts that we looked at. The children were challenged to see how many they could complete while remaining Covid safe. Keep a record of the ones that they have achieved, and we will share this after the Easter holidays.

40 Act of Kindness Planner


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 12th February  2021

Worship Theme —  Dealing with Worries


Today we looked at how it was the Chinese New Year and how it was celebrated. This led on to looking at a Chinese proverb which says you cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair. We talked about how we all have worries but we have two choices - keep hold of them or let them go. We looked at how we could create a worry jar to help us let them go. 


Worry Jar:

Find an empty jar

Decorate if you want to

Write down a worry on a piece of paper

Put it in the jar

Let that worry stay out of your head


Later on:

Look at the worries at your jar

Decide if there is anything that you can do to solve it

Ask for help from someone if you can't think of a way

Throw away the worries that are no longer worries

Put those back in the jar that haven't been solved -YET


Then do something that makes you happy. I like to put on one of my favourite songs and sing as loud as I can.

This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 5th February 2021

Worship Theme —  

This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 29th January 2021

Worship Theme —  Being Kind to Ourselves

Self-Care Strategies | Learning Boosters | Tutoring in Hobart & Online

Today we looked at being kind to ourselves. We often talk about being kind to others but forget ourselves. We looked at different ways of doing this which included:  forgiving ourselves, saying what we have done well, reminding ourselves of all our good points, taking breaks, believing in  ourselves, doing some exercise and taking some time to breathe. We also looked at that when we need to calm down if we feel overwhelmed,  we can use a 5,4,3,2,1 technique.


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 22nd January 2021

Worship Theme — Independent 

Small Group in 2nd Grade: A Peek at my Center Schedule


This week in Worship we looked at one of our key learning skills of being independent. We all listened to a story called The Elephant and The Rope. The story focused on an adult elephant who did not break free from a rope   because he had been tied to it since he was a calf.  We looked at how we do not want to be the elephant and set ourselves limits with our Home Learning and our independence. Therefore, next week we have challenged the    children to break away from the rope that is holding them and improve their independence skills. So, over the next week, can they do a little bit each day that makes them less reliant on their helper at home. Some of the things we looked at them trying are:


* Listening extra carefully to the videos so that helpers do not need to repeat the instructions constantly. 

* Getting their laptop/tablet ready in the morning. Starting to type in the zoom link and getting it ready
* Restarting the video to listen again if they did not understand something.

* Pausing the video themselves when they are asked to do so.

* Completing the work themselves and be aware that the adult at home.

* Putting a  I  symbol on their work to show that they have done it themselves without an adult sitting next to them helping.

* Uploading some of their work themselves.

* Being ready to learn and not having their adult chasing them to start.

* Remaining on task themselves so they can get it done and then relax.


We understand that they cannot do all of these at once and we are encouraging small steps as someone told me last week, “Eat the elephant one bite at a time” and you will get it done (or at least better at something!) To help the   teachers will also be discussing who has been getting better with this skill over their zooms.


This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 14th January 2021

  Worship Theme — World Religion Day



In Worship, we looked at how Sunday 17th is World Religion Day and saw how every religion has at least one thing in common......love.  We also saw how every religion always focuses on reflecting on how they treat others and ensuring that they treat others like they would like to be treated. In school, we often talk about how we should treat others and link our actions to our Christian Values as much as possible. Therefore, to celebrate them as part of World Religion Day we are going to have a competition. Your task is to represent one of our values in a picture form. Your entry needs to be returned to your bubble box by 1st February (by the Office) so that we can quarantine them before a winner is chosen. The winners' work will become part of our Christian Value display.  

You will also be set this task in RE next week as part of your Home Learning. 

  • To be in chance of winning:
  • It needs to be A4 size
  • It needs to be landscape
  • It can be any medium that you wish i.e. collage/painting/pastels
  • Have a note telling us which value you have chosen to do.
  • No words need to be included


Good Luck.


Here are the Christian Values to choose from and a quote from the Bible:


  • Friendship – “Do to others as you would have them do to you”. - Luke 6:31 Respect – “ Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves”. - Romans 12:10 


  • Thankfulness – “I will give You thanks in the great assembly; I will praise You among many people”.- Psalm 35:18 


  • Forgiveness -“Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbour as yourself”. Leviticus 19:18 


  • Responsibility –“Arise, for it is your task, and we are with you; be strong and do it”. - Ezra 10:4


  • Trust – “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you”. Psalm 84:12 



This Weeks Worship at Upton Snodsbury School - 8th January 2021

Worship Theme — Perseverance 


Today I talked about persevering in Worship. Over the next few weeks, I have set myself a challenge of improving my hula hooping skills so that I can perform a dance for you all! Can you discuss with your family what you would like to set as a goal and something you will have to    persevere at to get better?  It might be something that you choose for your New Year's    Resolution this week. I will create a post on Facebook so maybe you could add yours on too! I look forward to seeing them.




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