Stars of The Week

Stars of the week 20th September 2019

Year 3 / 4 –  Alfie B

For listening to advice and acting upon it in a timely fashion.


Year 2 – Arthur

For being the first child in Year 2 to demonstrate excellent questioning to further his own learning.


Year R / 1 – Henry C (Yr R)

For showing fantastic listening and working well with his learning partner.


Stars of the week 13th September 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Freya

For an excellent role model to others by showing her commitment and organisation in her whole school job. 

Year 2 – Bessie

For excellent effort to produce her best work in every lesson, asking questions when unsure and remembering previous learning. Well done Bessie.


  Year R / 1 – Sammy

For being an independent Year 1 and helping his peers.


2018 19 - Stars of the Week

Stars of the week 12th July 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Jamie

For excellent perseverance to learn his lines.


Year 2 – Darcey

For thinking of interesting questions to ask about our topic and always helping her friends.


  Year R / 1 – Thomas

For great sportsmanship.  He showed fantastic determination.


Stars of the week 5th July 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Evan

For conquering his fear of loud and shrill noises at the theatre.  He persevered for most of the show without his ear defenders.


Year 2 – Freya

For her excellent effort with her reading and spellings every week, super behaviour on our trips and fantastic determination in Fun Run Club. 

Year R / 1 – Honey

For being a mature member of our class and looking after others.

Stars of the week 28th June 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Antonia

For settling down quickly to produce a fantastic piece of work about parts of a flower.


Year 2 – Ben

For facing and overcoming his fear of water. We are all so proud of your swimming and paddling in the sea.


  Year R / 1 – Smaragda

For showing fantastic listening and great observations on our school visit to Weston Super Mare.

Stars of the week 21st June 2019

Year 4 – All Year 4

For excellent teamwork at Bellboating Regatta.


Year 2 – Alfie

For super effort with all our learning about Grace Darling


  Year R / 1 – Lottie

For always showing a ‘can do’ attitude.


Stars of the week 14th June 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Elsie

For some lovely figurative language used in her bee poem.


Year 2 – Finlay

For an excellent information text on the history of ships.


  Year R / 1 – Rosie

For being a fantastic listener for our Pirate Visitor yesterday and remembering some facts we learnt. 


Stars of the week 7th June 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Isabella

For excellent homework which is always creatively presented.


Year 2 – Holly W

For fantastic creative homework and a super attitude to learning this week.


  Year R / 1 –  Lydia

For being organised every morning.


Stars of the week 17th May 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Logan

For his superb, creative homework projects.


Year 2 – Hollie P

For always having a positive attitude and including all the skills and features we have learned about in her writing.


  Year R / 1 – Joseph

For showing fantastic perseverance and great listening to write the story of “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch”.


Stars of the week 10th May 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Emily

For superb perseverance with capacity problem solving.

Year 2 – Daisy

For a consistent excellent effort in all she does and determination to complete all learning opportunities to the highest standard even in her own time. Well done Daisy, you are an outstanding role model. 

  Year R / 1 – Arthur

For being a great listener in his learning.

Star of the week 3rd May 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Jemima

For a spectacular plastic project homework.

Year 2 – Hollie P

For excellent effort in mathematics and helping with organisation in the classroom.


Year R / 1 – Ivy

For showing great listening and retelling the story of the “Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch”.


Star of the week 12th April 2019


Year 3 / 4 – Evan

For superb time table knowledge.


Year 2 - Olivia

For being kind and supportive to her peers and being a super ‘pet’ monitor!


Year R / 1 – All children

For listening and persevering in their ‘Hop Bunny Dance’ and Hot Cross Bun making.


Star of the week 5th April 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Florence

For always demonstrating superb organisational skills and a positive attitude.


Year 2 – George

For fantastic singing and acting in our class performance.


Year R 1 – Seb

For showing fantastic listening to help him focus in his learning.


Star of the week 29th March 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Rosie

For giving 100% with her spelling, punctuation and contributions in her group.


Year 2 – Tilly

For showing a positive attitude to her work and friends at all times.



Year R 1 – Max

For persevering in his handwriting for his Gruffalo rhyming string.


Star of the week 21st March 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Lewis

For working hard to improve his presentation.


Year 2 – Holly W

For the extra effort she has made to be more independent and improve her own work.



Year R 1 – Ophelia

For independently writing and answering questions to the Gruffalo.

Star of the week 15th March 2019

Year 3 / 4 - Pippa

For excellent use of jottings to help work out a problem.


Year 2 – Ruby

For an excellent effort in her mathematics and literacy.


Year R 1 – Henry

For independently writing his instructions on how to make a grass head.

Star of the week 8th March 2019

Year 3 / 4 - Jamie

For excellent perseverance in all that he does.


Year 2 – Daisy

For the effort she put into her costume and work for World Book Day.


Year R 1 – Smaragda

For being independent and organised as she is completing her bug club books and questions.

Star of the week 1st March 2019

Year 3 / 4 - Verdi

For excellent attitude shown in her learning and friendships.


Year 2 – George

For super organisational, independence skills shown in his morning activities this week.


Year R 1 – Alexander

For sounding out independently to write his sentences.

Star of the week 15th February 2019

Year 3 / 4 - Evan

For showing excellent independence.


Year 2 – Lewis

For amazing application of his times tables knowledge in calculating one half, one quarter and one third of a range of numbers in mathematics.


Year R 1 – Samuel

For persevering in his hand writing by making it smaller.


Star of the week – 8th February 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Vangelis

For excellent organisational skills in the mornings and superb home and bug club reading.


Year 2 – Alfie B

For great determination in improving his variety of sentences and presentation in English.


Year R / 1 – Martha

For persevering and adding her planes.


Stars of the week – 1st February 2019

Year 3 / 4 Jemima

For excellent effort in spelling.


Year 2 – Lewis

For much improved spelling and trying hard with joining all his writing.


Year R / 1 – Evie

For persevering to write her numbers to 20 correctly.


Stars of the week – 25th January 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Noah M

For super focus in writing a fantastic detailed recount of our trip to Cadbury World.


Year 2 – Hollie P

For producing really detailed topic work about human habitats.


Year R / 1 -Honey

For using fantastic adjectives to describe characters from Little Red Riding Hood.


Stars of the week – 18th January 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Noah A

For an excellent recall of facts and stories that he has previously heard.


Year 2 – Alfie S

For editing my text using clever past tense verbs.


Year R / 1 Olivia

For asking questions about our role play theme of Jack and the Beanstalk.


Stars of the week – 11th January 2019

Year 3 / 4 – Mya

For answering a range of children’s questions on our class question wall.


Year 2 – Holly W

For finding the fantastic word ‘mystifying’ which uses the “y” for the long vowel sound.


Year R 1 - Bessie

For independently writing our fairy tale story of the week at home.


















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