House Events


House Captains for 2020/21


  Captain  & Vice Captain

ASH -  Lewis & George    Ophelia
SYCAMORE -  Freya,   Chloe
OAK - Darcey,  Anna-Rose
WILLOW - Hollie P, Olivia



House Points - Spring 1 2020

House Winners




Oak –300

Autumn 2019 House Winners

Oak 2680

Sycamore 2670

Ash 2650

Willow 2000


House Autumn Competition

Children have been asked to print a photograph (A5 size) of Autumn.  10 House Points for each one.  Prizes for the top 3.








School House Captains and Vice Captains were voted in this week.


Upton Snodsbury C E First School House Points System

This system aims to encourage a real sense of pride and achievement for the children. It fosters community spirit and gives the children an opportunity to contribute to something bigger, which involves children from all year groups. The older children are positive role models and take on a pastoral role for the younger children. It aims to encourage learning and participation in events and activities outside of school.


House Competition - Autumn 1 2018

Well done to all those who entered our house competition.  All children received 10 house points

and 4 children received 50 house points.

House Winners




Oak –140


Ash will get a house treat next term.


Spring 1 - 2018
House Winners

First - Willow 540

Second - Ash 450

Third - Sycamore 430

Fourth - Oak 300

Children earned house points from their good deed bucket challenge and e-safety posters.

House News

Autumn 1

First-Willow 500

Second-Oak 370

Third-Ash 350

Fourth-Sycamore 320


Willow can bring in their skateboards and scooters for a bikes and trikes treat next Friday.



Autumn 2

This term the top house is: 

  First-Ash            440 points

Second-Sycamore  230 points

Third-Willow        190 points

Fourth-Oak             70 points

Well done Ash, you will have a treat next term.


Spring 1

House Champions

First-Sycamore 320

Second-Willow 300

Third-Oak 230

Fourth-Ash 190

Spring 2

House Winners

First—Willow 775 points

Second—Ash 665 points

Third—Sycamore 635 points

Fourth—Oak 510 points


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