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The clubs we would love to have this year are:


   Football               Netball             Multi Skills              Dodgeball                Hockey                Badmington             Tennis             Archery

           Cricket                  Yoga                        Dance                  Tag Rugby           Scooters                Movie Groovers         Music

Bike              Board Games           Nature                    Computer                Animal                   Recycling                  Baking          Painting

        Sewing                     Craft              Friendship Club           Singing               Loom bands                 Slime                 Dressing Up


2020 21 Clubs


Gardening with Mrs Wadsworth

Choir with Mr Skelton & Miss Jones

Football with Ms Clarke

Lego Club with Miss Earp

Cricket with Mr Price

Why did you choose this club?

Autumn Clubs 2018

Movie Groovers with Miss Jones

Sports Challenge with Miss Guy 

Gardening with Mrs Mayo and Mrs Barber

Skipping with Mr Gadesby 

Some reasons why we wanted to take part in after school clubs....I chose multi-skills because I wanted to do lots of outdoor games and get fitter because it's good exercise.It is also nice to try something new!  - Isabella ... I chose Movie Groovers  because I really wanted to do some dancing. - Tilda...I chose sports challenge because I love sport - Lewis  ...I chose Movie Groovers because I love dancing - Finlay...I chose sports challenge because I like football and basket ball - Olivia  ...I chose sports challenge because I like playing sports - Alfie  ... I chose skipping so I could learn new skipping moves - Hollie...I chose gardening because I love gardening and because it is fun. You also grow things like flowers and onions - Megan 

Summer Clubs 2018


Art Club with Mrs Carey

Cricket and Rounders with Sports Challenge

Skipping with Jump Skip

Gardening with Mrs Barber and Mrs Mayo

Cookery with Crafty Cooks

Choir with Mrs Cussens

Why did you choose this club?
Quote of the Week
                                                        Week 6 of Clubs

Evan from Choir
"I liked learning and singing life is a wonderful thing."

Finlay from Art club
"I enjoyed making my door hanger."

Katie from Cricket and Rounders
"I enjoyed playing cross the red sea and hot dog."

Zak from Gardening
"I liked getting messy while planting our hanging baskets. We then watered all the flowers and got wet."

Jemima from Skipping
"I enjoyed doing butterfly because me and my friend could do it together and it's really fun."

Verdi from Skipping
"I learnt how to do the double under."
                                                                              Week 4 of Clubs
Rosie from Cookery

"This week we made cheese and apple muffins. I liked sieving the flour and putting the butter in."

Emily F from Gardening
"This week we filled buckets full of weeds from the church gardens."

Lily from Choir
"I love learning new songs. This week we learnt Alice the camel song."

Daisy-May from Skipping
"I enjoy the outdoor clubs but skipping is one of my favourite clubs"

Samuel from Cricket and Rounders
"We get to do bat and ball and take it in turns."

Alfie S from Art Club
"We are learning how to draw trees. It's lots of fun."
                                                       Week 2 of Clubs
Izzy and Hollie P from Skipping
"I really enjoy it because we learn new tricks."

Alfie D and George from Rounders and Cricket
"I did this club last term. I like the games because it's really fun."

Spring Clubs 2018

Science club with Mad Science

Construction with Mrs Dawson

Multi Skills with Sports Challenge

Skipping with Jump Skip

Gardening with Mrs Barber and Mrs Mayo

Football with Mr Wiles

Why did you choose this club?
Quote of the Term
Zak from Football
"It's a good time to run about and practise your skills."

Megan K from Gardening
"I like that we learn how to garden. We make flower pots and put them in our garden."

Noah A from Multi-skills
"You learn different things and it gets your heart beating fast."

Izzy S from Skipping
"I liked skipping because Mark, our coach, was very funny and taught us lots of new tricks. It was so much fun!"

Lily from Skipping
"We learn lots of new tricks like double dutch."

Autumn Clubs 2017

Moovy Groovers with Miss Jones

Multi Skills with Sports Challenge

Gardening with Mrs Barber

Computing with Mrs Karban

Why did you choose this club?
Quote of the Week
                                                          Week 6 of Clubs
Mya and Isabella from Moovy Groovers
"Moovy Groovers is fun because we learn new moves and we get to do a show at the end."

Logan from Computer Club
"I enjoy playing games. This week I enjoyed Rainforest V 2"

Aidan from Multi-skills
"I enjoy Multi-skills because we learn lots of different sports. This week we were split into two groups."

Millie and Rebecca from Gardening
"I like getting muddy." "Last week we planted pansies and primulas"
                                                         Week 4 of Clubs 
Finlay from Multi Skills
"I liked the red sea. There was sharks and people running!"

Lily from Moovy Groovers
"We learnt new dances. I enjoyed cotton eye Joe because we all swung around."
                                                       Week 2 of Clubs
Alfie Daly and Lily from Gardening Club

"We have taken some of our harvest home!"

Florence from Moovy Groovers
"I like dancing to uptown Funk because I could show it to Fiona (my childminder) and my family."

Vangelis from Computer Club
"I enjoyed playing the domino game with Cory."

Ronnie from Multi Skills
"I liked playing capture the flag."

Summer Clubs 2017

Year 3 4 Gardening Club

The Gardening Club went to David's Nurseries and choose flowers for one of our empty flower beds.  
They were given advice from Tim and purchased almost £100.00 worth of flowers,
which was donated by James
Keetley-Smith's family. They will be planting them next week.

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