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Stars of The Week

Stars of the week – 16th November 2018

Year 3 / 4 - Corey

For applying his spelling rules in his written work. 


Year 2 – Hollie P

For persevering with tricky mathematics and never giving up on division and times table.


Year R / 1 – Tilda

For listening and retelling the story of “Paddington”.


Stars of week – 9th November 2018


Year 3 / 4 Millie B

For excellent identification of playscript features.


Year 2 – Alfie B

For taking much more care with his writing.


Year R / 1 – Sammy

For writing his big weekend news.

Stars of week – 26th October 2018


Year 3 / 4 – Zak

For demonstrating excellent mental mathematics, spotting patterns and

explaining his methods to others.


Year 2 – Holly W

For great mathematics this week.


Year R 1 – Joseph

For being organised and having a positive attitude.

Year 3 / 4 – Antonia

For a fantastically presented homework with lots of interesting facts included.


Year 2 – Rook

For fantastic acting during our feelings photos! Excellent sulking!



Year R / 1 – Arthur

For taking care in his presentation in writing and mathematics.

Stars of the week – 12th October 2018


Year 3 / 4 – Noah M

For excellent team leadership and determination at the football tournament.



Year 2 – Tilly

For making and completing her own challenge task in homework this week.


Year R / 1 - Tilda

For remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in her writing

about her hero.

Stars of the week - 5th October 2018

Year 3/4— Lily

For always helping and supporting others.


Year 2— Alfie

For amazing creativity and attention to detail during Arts morning.


Reception/Year 1— Betsy

For trying hard to become independent.