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Stars of The Week

Stars of the week - 16th March 2018

Year 3/4 — Noah A

For excellent application of facts in leapfrog and grid multiplication.


Year  2 — Noah M

For planning his castle report independently


Reception/Year 1 — Max

For a super independent piece of writing about Warwick Castle


Stars of the week - 9th March 2018

Year 3/4 — Beth

For writing a thank you letter to Shoo Rayner.


Year  2 — Florence

For being creative and independently sewing her puppet.


Reception/Year 1 — Hollie P

For a fantastic piece of homework about her home.


Stars of the week - 16th February 2018

Year 3/4 — Megan K

For excellent remembering and application of her mathematical skills.


Year  2 — Corey

For persevering in his reading, spellings and showing he can do beautiful handwriting.


Reception/Year 1 — Ben

For matching words that rhyme independently.


Stars of the week - 9th February 2018

Year 3/4 — Hannah

For excellent show and not tell emotions and openers used in her myth so far.


Year  2 — Ronnie

For writing his fantastic story independently.


Reception/Year 1 — Smaragda

For writing independently on her dragon poster.


Stars of the week - 2nd February 2018

Year 3/4 — Daisy-May

For demonstrating fantastic motivation and initiative in this week’s Wordblaze spelling.


Year  2 — Evan

For persevering with his joined up handwriting.


Reception/Year 1 — Arthur

For being a kind and helpful member of class.


Stars of the week - 19th January 2018

Year 3/4 — Alice

For a consistently mature approach to all her learning this week.


Year  2 — Katie

For an imaginative alternative ending to the Red Riding Hood story.


Reception/Year 1 — Chloe

For superb sounding out and independent writing.


Stars of the week - 5th January 2018

Year 3/4 — Lewis

For excellent improvement shown in his reading fluency test.


Year  2 — Rosie

For starting the new term with a mature and positive attitude.


Reception/Year 1 — George

For enthusiastically asking questions about our new topic.


Stars of the week - 8th December 2017

Year 3 /4 — Lizzie

For a thoughtful reflection of the significance of Christmas in RE.


Year 2 – Emily B

For independently writing about Christopher Columbus’ journey

Year R /1 — Freya

For superb speaking and acting in the Year R 1 Nativity Performance.


Stars of the week - 1st December 2017

Year 3/4 — Zak

For trying his best and persevering to improve the presentation of his work.

Year  2— Jemima

For persevering in her maths on multiplication and division.

Reception/Year 1 — Alfie B

For a really super description of why Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.


Stars of the week - 24th November 2017

Year 3/4 — Sophie

For showing a positive attitude all of the time and always working very hard.


Year  2—Verdi

For helping and supporting other children in the class.


Reception/Year 1 — Honey

For fantastic singing during our Nativity rehearsals.


Stars of the week - 17th November 2017

Year 3/4 — Jamie

For his growing enthusiasm and perseverance for learning.


Year — Katie

For showing fantastic listening when we were learning about Ramadan and Eid.


Reception/Year 1 — Matilda D

For fantastic independent sounding out whilst writing labels and a caption about Captain Scott.


 Year 3 and R -Logan and Phoenix

For raising £100 for Children in Need from a sponsored walk.


Stars of the week - 10th November 2017

Year 3/4— Hannah M

For always putting her best efforts into all of her work.


Year—Honey B

For fantastic independence in her writing on Sunny’s Meerkat Mail.


Reception/Year 1— Holly W

For independently working out number pairs for 6, 7, 8 and 9 systematically.



Stars of the week - 3rd November 2017

Year 3/4— Linden

For his enthusiasm and commitment to learn his spellings.


Year 2— Noah M

For fantastic questioning on our Gun Powder Plot topic.


Reception/Year 1— Rosie

For  excellent counting in mathematics using 1:1 correspondence.



Stars of the week - 20th October 2017

Year 3/4— Megan B

For a polished performance in the Shared Learning Assembly.


Year 2— Evan

For focusing well in lessons showing good listening skills.


Reception/Year 1— Darcey

For  always trying her very best in all areas of her learning.