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Stars of The Week


Stars of the week - 21st September 2018

Year 3/4—Mya

For amazing independence and organisation shown when creating her artefact fact poster.


Year 2— Olivia

For her enthusiastic contributions to class discussions.


Reception/Year 1— Jacob

For trying hard and persevering in his mathematics.




Star of the week 14th September 2018

Year 3 4 - Anna

For listening to advice and acting upon it.


Year 2 – Lewis

For settling in really well and staring to produce some lovely writing.


Year R 1 – Chloe

For trying really hard to help everyone in our class

Stars of the week - 7th September 2018

Year 3/4—Jessica

For settling into a new school extremely well.


Year 2— Ben

For joining in our counting game.


Reception/Year 1— Reception

All the Reception children for settling in so well and following rules.



Stars of the week - 13th July 2018

Year 3/4 — Hannah

For excellent organisational skills in all that she does.


Year  2 — Year 2

For planning and organising themselves to create a fantastic final class Shared Learning .


Reception/Year 1 — Tilly and Daisy

For listening well and writing a story about Jesus.


Stars of the week

Year 3/4 — Esme

For excellent planning, organisation and delivery of an Eco assembly this week.


Year  2 — Evan

For communicating well in small groups and pairs..


Reception/Year 1 — Honey

For a fantastic piece of writing re-telling the story of Anansi and Mr Snake.




Stars of the week - 29th June

Year 3/4 — Sophie

For excellent telling of the time including analogue, digital, 24 hours and time intervals.


Year  2 — Jemima & Noah

For working fantastically together to make their smoothies.


Reception/Year 1 — Thomas

For persevering on his learning by himself.



Stars of the week - 22nd June

Year 3/4 — Year 4

For excellent team work at the bell boating regatta.


Year  2 — Rosie

For persevering to solve her money problems in mathematics.


Reception/Year 1 — Rosie

For writing a fantastic sentence using capital letters, finger spaces and full stop.



Stars of the week - 15th June 2018

Year 3/4 — Alfie S

For excellent fronted adverbials used in his WW2 diary


Year  2 — Pippa Nolan

For independently writing superb reasons for persuading people to protect the rainforest.


Reception/Year 1 — Finlay

For drawing and painting a detailed picture of a tree.


Stars of the week - 8th June 2018

Year 3/4 — Holli-Mae

For excellent concentration and answering questions.


Year  2 — Katie

For a fantastic description of the Amazon Rainforest.


Reception/Year 1 — Phoenix

For having a go at writing his instructions for making a fruit kebab independently.



Stars of the week - 25th May 2018

Year 3/4 — Logan

For working hard to improve his presentation.


Year  2 — Vangelis

For persevering with his handwriting and writing a fantastic story of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs go to …. the football match.


Reception/Year 1 — Ruby

For creating a super information leaflet about how to care for chicks.



Stars of the week - 18th May 2018

Year 3/4 — Isabella

For always trying her best and helping others.


Year  2 — Honey B

For persevering to solve mathematics problems.


Reception/Year 1 — Samuel

For writing a super set of instructions for handwashing.