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Celebrating Success

Across the year we plan WOW days and weeks to develop our children's learning skills and values, in a fun and engaging way.

Children in Year 3 4 enjoyed a Best Effort Tea Party for filling all their best effort cards.

Wagoll (What a good one looks like)


Children’s University Graduation

Congratulations to our first graduates who gained a bronze award for 30 hours on Wednesday at The

University of Worcester.  They had afternoon tea

followed by a cap and gown presentation. 

Rebecca G, Jack H, Megan K, Jemima, Isabella T, Verdi and Hollie W


Year 3 4


TAG Rugby 


Year 3 / 4 and I went to Pinvin to play TAG Rugby.  We won all of our matches then Mr Best called to gather us to another round.  He told us that there would be a 3rd and 4th place match and a 1st and 2nd place match.  We were in the final with Flyford Flavell they were equal in talent to us but they had better tactics.  Sadly we lost 4-1 but on the bright side we came in second.  I loved taking part in the tournament.  My entire team are happy that we got a silver medal and we were very pleased we got second place.


Report by Esme W

Best Effort Tea Party